What You Need to Know About Roof Repair Pricing Before Moving In



Roofing is one of the essential components of your home. It is your first line of defense against harmful elements that nature causes. Your roof will be the first to deteriorate, since it’s constantly exposed to the elements. You should do a regular checkup of your roof and check for any damage or signs of wear, ideally before you have to use a roofing calculator to figure out the cost of a brand new roof. It would be best if you did something to mend it quickly before the damage becomes bigger and costs you big money. 

If you need to have a roof repair before you move into your newly bought home, consider some factors so that everything will go smoothly. You have to make sure that you are talking to a professional and registered contractor that will show you the factors that dictate roof pricing. Check these guidelines to make sure of your repair project.

Know the Common Causes of Leaks

       ●       Cracked Flashing: Most roofs have metal flashings that serve as a water-resistant blockade between joints, whether it is metal to metal or concrete to metal. Metal roofs and its components can crack due to expansion and contraction, resulting in corrosion. To solve this problem, you need to gently pry up the affected flashing, remove the roofing nails, and replace a new strip and reseal.

       ●       Dilapidated or Missing Shingles: Wind forces are always incorporated with the design of the structure. But if it is improperly installed, one sweep of a strong wind can damage your shingles. You need to remove the damaged shingles and replace them with new ones.

       ●       Damaged Vent Booting: Vent booting functions as a gasket that seals off the roof vents. You need to cut away the damaged portion with a knife and install the new one by securing it with nails and sealing it again with caulk.

       ●       Ice Dams: Ice dams happen when melted ice on your roof freezes again. It can hold more snow and adds more weight to your roof, which can cause significant damage to your roof, and it will cost you a lot of money. You can prevent this problem by removing the snow from your roof immediately or using ice melt products.

       ●       Leaks From Skylights: The frame of your skylights can trap water, and soon it will form some cracks. You should do regular cleaning on this area, clear all the debris, and apply silicone sealant on the breaks.

       ●       Clogged Gutters: Clogged gutters are one of the most common roof problems for every household. Clean the gutters occasionally to prevent water from pooling up.

Roofing Materials

People created many types of roofing designs using different kinds of materials as innovation throughout the years. Roofing styles such as composite or shake roofing, metal, foam or single-ply roofing, flat, or asphalt shingles dictate the amount that you need to prepare for your house. Each type of roofing material has its degree of difficulties in installing, maintenance, and repair.

Metal Roofs

       ●       Metal roof repair averages $1,300, depending on the damage.

       ●       The repair should follow the correct procedure in removing and resealing of the fasteners for the panels, otherwise, it can cause a potential start of a leak.

       ●       Expansion and contraction can cause the nails to loosen, which is another source of water leaks.

       ●       Loose seams are also a source of water leaks.

Asphalt Shingles

       ●       Asphalt shingles repair averages $710, depending on the damage.

       ●       Strong winds can damage your shingles.

       ●       If installed properly, asphalt shingles can withstand wind speeds of 110 mph. Otherwise, it will detach on low winds.

       ●       Strong storm winds are capable of doing significant damage to your asphalt shingles. It can lift or remove the shingles.

Composite Roofing

       ●       Composite roofing repair averages $450, depending on the damage.

       ●       They are lighter in weight compared to shingles, making it more prone to high winds damage.

       ●       Composite roofs cause an entire section of damage, unlike the asphalt shingles that cause damage on a single to a handful of shingles.

       ●       Lifts easily and can allow water seepage.

       ●       The stone granules can detach easily.

Wood Shake

       ●       Wood Shake roofing repair averages $750, depending on the damage.

       ●       Moss buildup is the most common problem, which requires regular maintenance.

       ●       Insects are easily attracted, except for cedar material.

       ●       UV can damage wood shake roofing.

       ●       The cost of a wood shake roof installation is much higher than repairing it.

Slate Roofs

       ●       Slate roof repair averages $1,350, depending on the damage.

       ●       The edges can stick up if nailers are not done correctly. It can cause water leaks.

       ●       Ice damming is its most common problem during the winter season.

Tile Roofs

       ●       Tile roof repair averages $1,000, depending on the damage.

       ●       Tile roofs are prone to cracks and tend to slide.

       ●       Leaks can occur upon the installation of tiles.

       ●       The heat of the sun can cause damage.

       ●       Installing brand new tiles is much more expensive than repairing it.

Taking care of your roof is a difficult task, but if you do regular maintenance, you will be able to prolong its life. Consider these factors that dictate roof pricing so you know how much you should save up, and how much repairs will cost.

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