What Kind Of Roof To Choose For The House



What kind of roof to choose for the house – these questions are almost every happy owner of their own square meters.


Among the extensive list of modern designs and materials is not so easy to navigate and choose the best option, emphasizing not only the beauty of the house, but also durable, and protects it from any negative influences.

Roofing types of private houses

Variety of roofs of country houses allow the owner to not limit his imagination and choose the best option. Industrial roofing contractor proves, that different types of roofs are constantly competing with each other, because each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.


Single pent roof

This type of roof is one of the most affordable, because its construction does not require significant financial investment, but it stands out from the rest of its functionality.


Important! This type of roof allows you to create a residential attic or use the protruding edge as an awning for adjacent objects.


This type of roofing of private homes stands out as follows advantages:

       ●       Simple design.

       ●       Resistance to atmospheric influences.

       ●       Cost-effectiveness.

       ●       Quick installation.


Among the disadvantages can be distinguished:

       ●       The small height of the attic.

       ●       Unattractive appearance.


However, in some cases, the answer to the question of which roof is better unequivocally – single pent.


Double pent roof

This roof is a construction with two sloping rays to the outer walls. This design is considered one of the most common. Its peculiarity is that the rafters rely on each other, with each pair standing separately.


The advantage of such a roof for a country house is considered:


       ●       Rapid removal of precipitation due to the large angle of slope.

       ●       Reliability.

       ●       Ability to design any type of building due to the variation of the angle of slope.

       ●       Ability to equip the attic.

       ●       Affordable price.

Among the drawbacks experts point out:

       ●       The dependence of the angle of slope on the total area of the house.

       ●       Increasing the height of the design when converting the attic into attic.

       ●       Complication of the construction of auditory windows in the construction of the attic.


Despite this gable roof is considered reliable, practical and inexpensive in the constructive and architectural plans.


Hip roof

This type of construction is a four-roofed roof, two slopes which have a trapezoidal shape, and the other two – triangular.


For the roof of this type of house are characterized by the following advantages:

       ●       The minimum resistance to wind loads in comparison with a gable roof.

       ●       High stiffness of construction.

       ●       Aesthetic appeal.

The disadvantages include:

       ●       Difficulty in installation.

       ●       High cost.

       ●       Decrease in attic space and, as a consequence, the impossibility to equip the attic.


Important: The disadvantages of hip constructions are insignificant, and therefore they are actively used in the construction of private houses.


Hipped roof

This view is a four-roofed roof covering. It consists of isosceles, triangular slopes, which are connected in the center.


The main feature that must be met in the construction of such a structure – symmetry. Its contours of the vault resembles a tent or pyramid, hence the second name of the pyramidal roof.


Its advantages include:

       ●       The absence of gables, reducing the consumption of materials.

       ●       Good aerodynamic properties.

       ●       Removal of rainwater and melted snow from the roof.


But, as with any other design, it is also characterized by a number of shortcomings:

       ●       Difficulty in erection.

       ●       The need to clearly track all connections.

       ●       The cost of erection.

       ●       A large waste of building materials.


Despite all the drawbacks, this roof gives any building extravagance and exoticism.

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