What Is the Most Comfortable Mattress to Sleep on?


What Is the Most Comfortable Mattress to Sleep on?

If you ask us what the best mattress is, you will hardly get an answer since everything is individual here. One mattress can be comfortable for one person but be too soft for you. In other words, the one-go mattress is the one that is convenient for you! Such a mattress reliably supports the spine and meets your individual preferences, as well as physiological characteristics.

The Art of Choosing a Good Mattress

Of course, we are all different and have different ideas of how a good mattress should look like. Nevertheless, there are some general recommendations for some categories of people.

      ●      Heavy-weight people and those who have a habit of sleeping on a stomach or have problems with the spine should buy mattresses with a high degree of rigidity.

      ●      Allergy sufferers should pay special attention to fillers of mattresses and pick a model with hypoallergenic fillers only.

      ●      If you sleep on one side, then soft products will be a perfect match for you. They will allow the spine to remain straight and create comfortable conditions for deep sleep.

Still, everything depends on your preferences. Mattress hardness/softness, type of filler, size – all these are to be tested out individually by you. Therefore, the question of the ideal mattress is an exclusively subjective concept – you can ensure this by checking pillowtop mattresses reviews and talking to consultants.

The mattress construction is another important characteristic that should in no case be neglected by a user. At this point, you have three different options to choose from: models with independent spring blocks, latex mattresses, and models with a memory filler. All these have their special features and are well-suited for particular categories of consumers.

Mattress with Independent Spring Blocks

This is a new generation of spring mattresses – each spring in the mattress construction is packed in a separate section. Thus, pressing one spring does not affect the close ones. So the load on the mattress is perfectly distributed, which allows it to repeat the human body shape more accurately. This is especially convenient if two are sleeping on the same mattress – the movements of one person do not disturb the other.

According to jonsguide.org, the more springs mattress contains, the more comfortable it will be. The standard indicator is 220–260 springs per 10 sq.feet. Аs a rule, the top and bottom of the spring block is covered with a layer of filler made of coir, latex, polyurethane foam, or other material. Today, mattresses with independent spring blocks are the most popular – they are comfortable, very durable, do not lose their shape, and are of varying degrees of rigidity.

Latex Mattress

The main component of latex is the juice of a rubber tree – hevea. High-quality latex is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material. It is very durable and strong, resistant to deformation and doesn’t have an unpleasant “chemical” smell. But most importantly, latex has amazing orthopedic properties. The best latex mattresses ensure the correct position of the spine during sleep; they are recommended to everyone for the prevention of osteochondrosis and to people with spinal problems.

“Memory” Mattress

Memory mattresses are made of special material, a type of polyurethane foam. This material takes the optimal shape for a person, completely repeating the body shape, and remembers it, providing an orthopedic effect. Memory Foam is revolutionary space technology. Initially, this material was used to create chairs for astronauts, but now it is widely used in other industries as well. Such a product is suitable for those with any physique, weight, and health condition. The mattress prevents pressure sores, helps eliminate rheumatic pains, improves blood microcirculation, and excludes the risks of muscle tension.

To pick the model that perfectly meets your needs and sleep preferences, it is best to go to the shop and test out all the available mattresses yourself. Thus, you will not buy a pig in a poke and will be sure to select a model that will 100% match your expectations.

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