What Insurance You Need For Natural Disasters



Natural disasters seem to be occurring more than ever, and at unprecedented rates. From an above-average predicted hurricane season, to a currently over-productive tornado season, to the wild-fires that have ravaged the West Coast over the past couple of years – natural disasters are touching all of our lives.


While most homes during a natural disaster will mainly receive cosmetic damage or roof damage – it is still important to have those types of things covered. All too often, natural disasters such as floods are covered on our home or renters insurance, so it is important to make sure that you are protected from the natural disasters that can happen in your area.


While the likelihood is low, if it happens at its worst, a natural disaster can easily decimate everything that you own. Not having the funds to protect yourself will make this already impossible situation even worse.


Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to protect yourself. If you want to know more about the insurance you need for natural disasters – keep on reading.


Photo by John Middelkoop on Unsplash


Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake Insurance is one that you may not think that you need, but more and more earthquakes are happening in areas not usually affected. In fact, Montana just had a very strong earthquake. While it wasn’t very news-worthy, that isn’t an area of seismic activity usually. Earthquake insurance is becoming more important than ever.


Homeowners and Renters insurance does not cover earthquake damaged as one of its named perils. For this reason, if there is any chance at all that a major quake could hit your area – even if its a slim chance – this is a policy addition that you should make. Thankfully, if earthquakes aren’t very likely in your area, this will probably not cost very much in addition to your regular insurance, as insurance is mainly based on probabilities.

Hurricane Insurance

Flood insurance is not covered on any homeowner’s policy. If you are in a Hurricane prone area, it is important to know that most of the damage done to homes during a hurricane is by flooding.


While we are all used to seeing those images from the news about high winds and trees flying through the air – floods do the most damage during the average Hurricane.


However, windstorm insurance is not covered in states that are prone to Hurricanes, so you will need to purchase this additional coverage, as well.

Tsunami Insurance

You will need to buy flood insurance if you live on the cost and want to be covered in case of an off-shore earthquake that causes a tsunami.

Wildfire Insurance

High-risk areas do not always cover wildfires, so it is important to check that your policy does if you are in an area prone to drought.

Tornado Insurance

High-risk areas do not always have windstorm insurance included in their policy, so it is important to add this type of insurance if you live in an area where tornados are a possibility.


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