What Are Smallholding, and Why Are They Suddenly So Popular?



The sudden surge in popularity of smallholdings is due to their sustainability. You can achieve your lifelong dream of leading a sustainable life if you invest in them. Smallholdings are attractive due to the low capital required compared to buying a huge farm and the high return on investment. Besides, being a smallholder is a great business opportunity if you enjoy farming. Read on to find out what smallholding is and why you should aspire to become a smallholder.

What Is a Smallholding?

A smallholding is a piece of agricultural property that is smaller than a farm. It also has a residential site, and the farming area is suitable for various small scale farming activities, unlike a garden where you can only grow vegetables and flowers. Typically, a smallholding can be under 50 acres and is often suitable for growing vegetable for the local market or flowers. Some people also rear livestock like cows, pigs, and sheep and sell the produce to the local market. You can also set up stables for horses. Any economic activity that requires a small piece of land is suitable for a smallholding. While the lines between a smallholding, farm, and garden are blurred, mixed farming sets smallholdings apart.

The small farm allows you to lead a sustainable life through food production. However, to cash in on the property’s equity, you need some farming background and marketing skills to sell your produce. Woodland management in smallholdings can also be a lucrative opportunity if you find a market for the timber. You can also use it for fuel and reduce your living expenses.

Families or individuals often purchase smallholdings to become legitimate owners. However, communities or a group of people can pool their resources and own the land jointly. Smallholdings have been a source of livelihood for centuries, and it is still a significant source of farm produce. Their quick return on investment makes it a worthwhile investment for families and retirees looking to make some money from farming.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Smallholding?


In comparison to large farms, smallholdings can net more profits per acre and more food. With mixed farming, a smallholder can use the same patch of land for many uses. For instance, a fruit orchard can be useful in rearing sheep, chickens, and can improve yields in beekeeping. Besides, intercropping can make the yield bountiful for some crops. The interrelationship between species is good for the soil and improves fertility in the long-run, unlike in large farms, which only focus on one crop type that could destroy the soil.


Smallholders love the farming lifestyle, and financial rewards are a secondary objective. Therefore, they focus on low impact practices that have minimal effect on the environment. The varied activities on the farm promote biodiversity, which can have numerous environmental benefits. Besides, a small piece of land is manageable, and you can create a plan to maximise the productivity of the land. Large farms often grow cash crops only, and sometimes the sections of the land remain unproductive and underutilised.

Modernisation of Rural areas

Many people are sceptical about owning a farm due to the off the grid locations of the land. However, smallholdings have upgraded their amenities to include modern facilities. That means the property may be in a rural location, but it has modern amenities including internet and electricity. You can also install solar systems and water purification that will make your life easier and better than that of urban life. You will also have access to modern farming equipment and benefit from the transport system when transporting your produce.

Smallholding Provides Lifestyle Farming

Smallholding allows you to carry out many activities. Most of the farming work is demanding both physically and mentally. Besides, you will spend more time outdoors and close to nature. Living in smallholdings is becoming a lifestyle instead of a profit-making initiative. You can tend to the farm and stay active and healthy in a clean environment. You will also have free autonomy and enjoy independence from commercial pressures.

Smallholdings are a goldmine, and you can recoup your investment within a short time. However, it requires hard work and creativity to gain financial rewards from the farm.


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