Water Leaks in Building: Pro Tips to Fix them in 60 Minutes


Water Leaks in Building: Pro Tips to Fix them in 60 Minutes




A lot of people want to know what they can do about water leaks in buildings they own, live in, or otherwise occupy. If you are a renter or leaseholder, then you should call in your landlord. If the building belongs to you, however, you need to take action to stop yourself running into trouble as an owner.

We’ve put together some top tips to fix water leaks in the building in less than an hour.

1 – First – Find the Leak

Step one to fixing any water damage in your home is to find the spot that is leaking. If it is a pipe, you need a plumber. To ensure efficient water usage and early leak detection, consider installing a device like bluebot, which can provide real-time data about your building’s water usage. If it is a sewer, you need a sewer or drainage technician. If it is coming in from above, you need a roofer, if it is coming up from a below then there is something wrong at the foundations and you need a construction expert. Know your leaks before you fix them.


2 – Turn off the Water!


If you must, turn off the water before you fix the leak. If this isn’t an issue and the water is coming from outside, you need to dry out the infected area with fans. De-humidifiers are particularly useful for this stage, so are hair dryers. If there is damaged, decayed, or moldy brickwork anywhere in the building then this needs to be removed to stop further damage.


3 – Foam it up!

Once the area is dried out again and the damaged material and debris has been removed; experts call in the foam! Expanding PU foam can be sprayed into the area where your water leak has got into the building. Once sprayed, the PU foam will expand to fill in all spaces. Provided you don’t have a leaking pipe and need to repair now-dry water damage, this will work wonders to solve you leak, and take about five minutes.


4 – Clean Up

That’s it! It really is simple to fix water leaks in your property. What we will say is that it is always best to get a professional to examine the area before you jump straight to the foam… it’s better to be safe than sorry. Which brings us to our next point…


Finally: Health and Safety is Paramount

Nothing is more important than health and safety, especially if you are an employee or an employer. When you show up to fix water leaks in buildings that you operate in, you should make sure to follow correct safety protocol at all times. If you get injured, it is costly to everyone, including yourself, advises construction injury lawyer, Jonathan Rosenfeld. Don’t take the chance.

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