Turning your Dream House Move into a Reality


Turning your Dream House Move into a Reality

Finding your dream home is an amazing feeling. Thinking about the move itself can turn into a bit of a nightmare. Continue reading for our advice on how to make your dream house move become a reality.

Plan Ahead

Leaving things until the last minute rarely works. Procrastination may feel good at the time, but the racing heart from knowing that you have very little time to get an awful lot done is not worth the risk. Beginning thoughts of the move as early as possible is a helpful step to take. For example, enrolling your children into the local school, finding a new job within a sensible travelling distance of your new home, and investigating mobile networks that actually give good coverage. In fact, using a clear, concise moving house checklist can be just what you need to be sure you haven’t neglected to consider something vital. Being able to go through a list step-by-step can give you the peace of mind you badly desire at a stressful time like this.

Pack in Advance

Another element that can be done mostly before the last minute is your packing. Certainly, items that you do not use on a daily or regular basis can be boxed away. Be sure to clearly label them to be sure of the contents when you finally get around to unpacking in your new home. It can be daunting to pack a whole house at once. Doing a box a night or an area on a weekend might make the task more manageable for you. Enlisting the help of a friend and including a takeaway and bottle of wine as a reward for slogging away all day is great too.

Consider Accommodation

Not everyone’s new home is in the right condition to move straight in without the need for serious renovation. If this is the case for you, facing foundation issues for example, finding self-storage options in the local area could be useful. Furthermore, considering accommodation close by to your new home is also imperative if you are going to be unable to inhabit the property whilst undertaking all the work. If your home is packed up neatly and stored elsewhere, all you really need is a bed for a few weeks, so be sure to ask local friends and family members who may have a spare room.

Try not to Panic

It is very easy to see little flaws here and there that you may not have witnessed when you viewed the property. Consider whether they are major problems in the grand scheme of things or faults that can be tackled at a later date. The perfect house move is actual far from being all about moving into the perfect house; it is being satisfied with the moving process (and the run up to it too) and being able to envisage a happy life there. Negative emotions can certainly cloud our judgements when it comes to stressful situations in our lives. Embracing problems and saying, “That’s nothing major!” can certainly assist in feeling less anxious about your to do list.

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