Top tips for moving out to the countryside


Selling your big city property and moving to the countryside equates to more value for your money. Big city properties are usually overpriced and rarely offer what you need in terms of indoor and outdoor space or quality of living.  So moving to the countryside gives you a chance to exchange that small city property with little or no garden for a country house that has more bedrooms, bigger gardens and so on.  The fact that countryside house prices  are rising at a far slower pace than big city house prices gives you an opportunity to up-size your home whilst reducing your mortgage.  So how can you move to the country side and enjoy your move?

Find a befitting property

As mentioned above, you are more likely to get that dream property size if you move to the countryside. Simple decide on the basics and go hunting.  You can search properties online or devote a few days to checking out property in prospective locations.


Whilst there is possibility of finding squeaky clean property that needs no additional touches, you will have to do some renovation with the standard country property. You may need to touch up or completely change the painting, refurbish the plumbing system, and improve the security of locks.

Furnish lightly

Country homes are furnished with a classic appeal.  You should aim to maintain the theme. Everything from furniture to chandeliers should reflect the nature of the property you are living in and your new location. Expert furnishing companies know how to bring a property to life within budget and on theme.

Contact removals

Even if you have a car, the distance and the size of items to move will make it hard for you to complete your move by yourself. A removals company will ensure a seamless transfer of your properties from the city centre to your new country home.

Blend in

You are now living in your country home. During the first few months, you will be noticed everywhere you go.  You need to focus on quickly moving from an outsider to a local. You can only achieve this by making conscious efforts to meet your neighbours. Attend local events, visit local bars, join a club or a class etc.  You simply need to find a way to be visible.  When there is nothing to do, take a walk alone or go on a walk with your dog.

Embrace local content

You can still do major shopping on your way home from the city but you should leave room to buy from the locals in your new countryside location. Spending money in local shops is a positive contribution to the community and again, it allows you to bond with your new neighbours.

Life in the countryside can be fun and financially rewarding. These tips above will help create a positive experience and a seamless transition for you and your family.

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