Top 7 Things To Consider After You Move Home


Moving can be an overwhelming process. Typically, the entire relocation experience doesn’t stop the moment your movers unload your boxes to your new home. Once you’ve reached your new place, it’s too early to open a bottle of special wine you’ve set aside to celebrate your moving success. That’s certainly because there are more things to get through and deal with before you can properly mark the beginning of your life’s new chapter.

To ensure a stress-free transition, below are the top seven things to consider after you move home: 


     1.     Change Of Mailing Address

Of course, your new home comes with a new postal address. If you fail to update your address, there’s a high chance you’ll not receive all the important mails from your banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, and other essential institutions. 

Because of this, consider changing your address after moving to your new home. Pass by your local post office and fill in a ‘change address’ form. However, if the process is available online, check the post office’s website and comply with all necessary procedures to register your new address. 

However, if you’re executing a military relocation, you should take note that the process of address change when moving differs, depending on your circumstances and the logistics of your move. Not only that, but you need to follow a different process to ensure the military mail pipeline is moving in the right direction.


     2.     Inspection Of Moving Boxes

It’s important to get your moving boxes inspected for any visual damage or whether something is missing. For instance, you can use the household inventory you prepared to check if a box happens to be missing. In such a case, inform the moving crew immediately to report the incident, and double-check whether it’s mistakenly left inside the moving truck. 

In addition to missing items, it’s also crucial to check the moving boxes to see if there are broken or damaged goods inside. When this happens, record the specific damage, take some photos for documentation, and notify the moving company to resolve the matter. By doing this, you can quickly fix any issues regarding the boxes delivered to your new home. 


     3.     Unpacking 

Once you’re done with the inspection of moving boxes, the next big thing to take into account is the unpacking. Like packing, the process of unpacking all your things can be a bit tedious when you do it alone. Hence, seeking help from your close friends in the area can make the first big haul much easier and faster. 

To entice them to lend their helping hands, you can offer them free foods and drinks while unpacking your boxes. Moreover, don’t forget to set deadlines and develop a good unpacking strategy to ensure everything runs smoothly until your house starts looking like a home. 


     4.     Replacement Of Locks

If you’re relocating to an older house, you probably won’t have any idea how many strangers have the keys and access to your new place. In such a case, it’s crucial to call a reliable locksmith and get all your locks replaced as soon as you can. That way, you can rest knowing you and your belongings are safe after the relocation. 


     5.     Setting Up Of Utilities

If, for whatever reason, you failed to set up the utilities before the moving day, then have it done right after you arrive at your new home. Generally, you should call the power and water utility companies to have electricity, gas, and water running inside your house after relocating. 

Once all these utilities are up and working, the next step is to call your phone, Internet, and other essential utility providers for the connection. Remember, having taken care of these utilities after moving can make everything in your house look brighter and run smoother. 


     6.     Setting Up Of A Home Security System 

If your new home isn’t equipped with a home security system, it’s one thing you need to do to secure your home after moving. Typically, having a security system in your dwelling place can give you a better sense of peace of mind and additional protection against any security threats 

Therefore, call your security system provider right away and have your security cameras and alarms connected. If you’re using security codes for your doors, create the strong ones for added protection. 


     7.     House Cleanup

It’s no secret that unpacking and other post-move projects can leave tons of waste around your new house. Hence, use this as an opportunity to clean your new place thoroughly. If you’re planning a DIY house cleanup, buy good-quality cleaning materials and transform your spaces into an inviting home by getting your carpets and other surfaces vacuumed, floors mopped, and furniture pieces arranged. 

However, if you want a professional to do the house cleanup, hire a cleaning service and let the crew give your new house a fresh look. 



Again, moving home can be a nerve-wracking and exhausting experience. There are many things to do even before and, of course, after moving in. However, you don’t need to make moving a hard process for you. Just keep these points in mind so you can make your post-move preparations a lot more convenient and smoother for you.

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