Tips to Turn Your Memories into Great Decor Option


Tips to Turn Your Memories into Great Décor Option

Home is where your heart is, and our heat usually beats within our memories!

Home décor is an art that only becomes spectacular if you add a dash of your personality’s color, pinch of trends and something that makes you feel at home. And nothing can be better than adding memories in home decor to induce a sense of belonging in your living space.

While living the present and anticipating future, one thing that we never want to forget is our memories. The moments of family vacation, your child’s high school graduation ceremony, or the moment when your child took its first step – all these memories are close to our heart and worth preserving!

Instead of filling photo albums only to put them at the bottom of the cabinet, isn’t it better to splash your memories in your décor so that you can feel the pleasure of living with your pleasant memories? If this idea excites you enough that you want to pull it in your this season’s renovation plan, then here are some ideas to excite you even more:

Travel Collage Wall:
One thing that we all love doing while traveling is taking pictures… and why not? Who would like to miss a snap at the base of the Eiffel tower, or a click inside the marvellous creations of Antoni Gaudi in Spain? But instead of putting these pictures in the album, display them on the wall.

You can make a collage of these pictures on the wall and believe me it will add a beautiful touch to your room’s interior. And besides decorating your walls with colorful moments, you will get the pleasure of reliving them every time you will pass these photos.

Hang Canvas Photos:
Besides traveling memories, our child’s achievements or the moment you said “I do” are the memories we want to preserve forever. That’s why people are opting canvas photo printing for preserving such memories. Canvas photo frame comes in numerous sizes from a mini frame to a full wall-size frame. You can choose the size according to the selected area or the overall mood of the room. You can read this blog content from 365Canvas to know more about canvas size and location to perfectly add your beautiful memories in your décor.

Display Your Achievements:
Our achievements are something we all love slaying. After all, we earn them with so much hard work and efforts. So, why not display them in your house to decorate your house with something that is so dear to your heart and for others to see? Yes, showing-off your achievements is not a bad thing! Go ahead and make a wall cupboard and display your family’s certificates, medals and other accolades to fill positive vibes in your home along with adding a proudful décor touch.

It is always good to hold on to memories to keep our lives plugged into something beautiful, motivating and loving. And decorating your home with memories is the best way to get all of this!

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