Tips To Sell Your House Online During Quarantine



In a matter of weeks, the whole world came to a standstill. The recent health pandemic has put almost all kinds of businesses to a halt. People are stuck in their homes, hoping to flatten the curve of COVID-19 infections. If you were planning to sell your home, you probably think that there is no way to put up your house for sale at this point.

Without a doubt, the real estate market is also affected by the coronavirus scare. However, there is no need to put off selling your house until the pandemic is over. There is still a way to go about selling your property without going out. Selling your home online is your best and only option during the quarantine.

Helpful Tips in Selling Your House Online

Are you not allowed to go out? Not a problem! Utilize technology to sell your house and get the money that you need without compromising your health.

1. Utilize Online Property Listings

If you are looking to sell a house fast, but prefer not to use your social media accounts to advertise them, the solution is an online property listing. There are several benefits to using these online tools when you want to make a quick sale:

      ●      Many people turn to online listings to search and inquire about properties for sale. These listings offer a convenient and time-efficient way to look for and buy a house online.

      ●      Listing your property on a real estate website allows you to reach more potential buyers – customers who are looking for the type of home you are selling.

      ●      It eliminates the need for an agent when you want to sell your house as the owner. Many real estate websites allow sellers to negotiate directly with their customers.

Although there are several benefits to listing your property on a real estate website, you should prepare to compete with possibly thousands of other real estate listings.

2. Reach Out to Online Home Buyers

Many people do not possess the luxury of time or the patience to market their property in online property listings or their social media accounts. If you want to sell your house online during quarantine, an online property buying company like Very Fast Home Buyers is your best option. Here are the advantages of reaching out to a professional home buying company in times of crisis:

      ●      Sell your house as it is – there is no need to spruce up the interiors or spend on major or minor renovations.

      ●      There is no middle man required. You will only be dealing with the local home buyer so that you can save on realtor or broker fees.

      ●      Get a cash offer in as quickly as 24 hours, and you can expect to receive a fair price for your house.

Contacting an online home buyer is the most time and cost-efficient way to sell your house during the quarantine. It is best to choose a local home buyer for faster transaction processing.

3. Market Your Property on Social Media

This is the time to take full advantage of social media – post your property for sale on your page and ask friends and followers to share away. You will never know if your ideal buyer is one of your connections on social media, or maybe a friend’s contact. But how do you go about showing your property to potential customers when the community is on lockdown?

      ●      High-Quality Photos and Videos: One of the classic ways to showcase the beauty of a property is through images and videos – but you have to make sure that you only use high-resolution imagery that potential buyers can zoom in on. Uploading high-quality pictures and real estate videos help you in providing an overview of the different areas of the house. Make sure to clean and tidy up your home before capturing videos or images – no one will get attracted to a disheveled property for sale.

      ●      Go Virtual: The typical process of real estate selling is to show the property to potential buyers, also referred to as an open house (no appointment necessary) or showing (with preferred time and date). However, these personal inspections are impossible during a pandemic. Fortunately, there are apps that you can use to allow eager homebuyers to view or inspect your property. Virtual tour software such as My360 and Roundme lets you show around the insides and external facade of your house to ignite more buyer interest.

It takes a lot of time and effort to post your property on your social media profile and reach potential buyers. This method is recommended if you have an extensive social media network or online following. 


Whether you want to buy a new home or sell your property during quarantine, there are creative and hassle-free ways to accomplish that. You can still put your house up for sale even if you cannot go out or invite people to your home. A reputable cash online home buyer offers a safe and convenient way to turn your property into cash without worrying about getting infected with COVID-19.

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