Tips on How to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Prospective Tenants



Tips on How to Get Your Rental Property Ready for Prospective Tenants


As a landlord, there will come a time when you need to get your property ready for tenants, and whether this is towards the start or middle of your property career, there will come a time for it. When decorating and getting your rental ready for prospective tenants to view, you must ensure everything is perfectly in place. Doing so will mean your property will get snapped up by a tenant within a matter of days. Anyone who’s interested in how to get your property ready should read on. Below we’re going to list tips in order to make the most out of each prospective tenant viewing and how to go about it in the right way.


      ●      Hire in a professional cleaner

This tip depends on whether you’ve got a completely new property you’re tenanting or if you’ve had tenants in previously. Despite either of these aspects, you will need to hire a professional cleaner to get everything perfectly sanitised. The first impression of a property can be a deciding factor when you’re looking at renting a home. Remember, these tenants have to picture themselves living in the property, and if it’s not clean, or if it’s cluttered with items, then they’re most likely not going to inquire any further. Professional cleaners will be sure to deeply cleanse the property, even if the only people who’ve been in there are builders and developers.


      ●      Add a touch of paint

Most modern new builds will come with perfectly painted walls and furniture packs, but if you’re not lucky enough to have this privilege then adding a touch of paint may be the game-changer for any prospective tenants with your rental. While we’d always recommend adding paint that is of a neutral colour and minimalistic theme (such as white, cream and grey), depending on the state of your walls this may have to be darker than you wish. Adding a touch of paint really does make a huge difference!


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      ●      Clear up any mess

Tenants who are currently inhabiting the property may be messy but ensure you tell them you’re expecting to bring prospective tenants around to see the property and the date so they can clear up any mess. While there is no guarantee they will take notice, most people who are house proud will ensure the place is nice to look at before your visit! It may be worth doing a prior visit before you have the potential tenants with you a few days before to ensure the place looks good, the last thing you want is for tenants to view a property when it’s not looking its best.


      ●      Ensure there is personality

Most showhomes won’t have personality or that personal touch. However, if you’re a landlord/investor and have the money to add a few additions to the property, you definitely should! Prospective tenants enjoy seeing those personal items that give the property a little extra sparkle and shine, there is something about seeing a property that is lived in but still well maintained that attracts tenants! If you’re able to do this, you’re sure to get a lot of enquiries regarding the property, especially if you have high-quality images online of the place.



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