Tips For Cleaning Your Home Before Selling


Tips For Cleaning Your Home Before Selling


There are a number of reasons you may want or need to sell your house – you could be upsizing to a new home or moving away from the area. Whatever your reason for selling, you’ll want to ensure that you get the best price possible. Why leave money on the table if a few small things can potentially add many thousands of dollars to your end sales price?


One of the easiest things you can do is ensure that you get your best price is clean up the house. Cleaning your home before selling requires a special level of cleaning. We’ve outlined 7 tips below that you should follow. Clean up your house and you’ll increase your selling price.


Make sure you fix any plaster holes and touch up the walls – Like everything else in life, your house will suffer from wear and tear. Your house is “lived in.” There will be scuff marks and stains on the wall and maybe some holes from where you have previously hung pictures or paintings. Cleaning the walls and touching up any paint spots, as well as filling in any holes where you may not be hanging paintings, will make the house look brighter and more appealing to buyers.


Clean all of your major appliances – This is especially important if you have metallic appliances – like a silver fridge or silver appliances on your benchtop. You want to make sure they shine. You want to make sure people can see their reflection. If you have a stovetop you need to clean this too. It may only be subconscious, but potential buyers will notice dirty. This negative thought will negatively impact your purchase price. Further to this, if you can clear bench space then you should. Potential buyers won’t like clutter. Declutter if possible.  


Dust all of your light fittings – Light fittings are another thing that potential buyers will notice. They’ll notice the dust. They’ll notice cobwebs. If you don’t clean them, potential buyers will see this mess and subconsciously think about how annoying it will be for them to clean them


Clean your sinks, toilets and bathroom – Clean your kitchen sink. Clean your bathroom sink. Clean your toilet. Clean the shower. You want them to shine.  You may think potential buyers won’t look.  But they will.


Clean your windows – A clean window allows more natural light into the house. It also looks better from the outside. Clean your windows as it improves the appeal of your house inside and outside. Cleaning your windows involves clearing any dust and cobwebs, and then you need to wash your windows.  Potential buyers will notice. 


Clean your floors – Do you have stained carpets? Do you have stained or dirty tiles? Are there scratches or scuff marks on your floorboards? If you have dirty floors you need to clean them. A dirty looking floor is not going to help you get your maximum price. This includes vacuuming too – especially if you have pets who like to shed fur. If you are going to steam clean your carpet you should also consider steam cleaning any furniture you are leaving in the house.


Make sure you clean up the front and backyard – Is your backyard clean and neat? Is your front yard clean and neat? If a potential buyer is looking to buy your house, they are looking at the front yard and the backyard. At the very least you should mow any lawns and weed any garden beds. If you have a little more budget you should consider some basic landscaping. Also, clean any broken garden furniture or other garbage.


These 7 tips for cleaning your home before selling will help you maximise your sales price. They’ll make your photos look better and also be more appealing if you have potential buyers taking a tour of the house.

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