Things To Do Before Selling Your Property


Let’s say you are considering selling your property, maybe a house or an apartment. The house has been in your possession, and you feel it is not giving you the returns you anticipated. Or you have secured something better, so how do you sell it? Do you post it on the next website that is ready to advertise for you, or is there something else to do? Well, truth be told, a lot of property sellers make this grave mistake, and that is why we are writing this piece to educate you, a potential seller. So that the day you are ready to sell, you get the following things done first.

    1.    Notify the ministry of lands and housing of your intent

Before jumping into a quick sale, make sure that all is well on record with the ministry of lands and housing in your country. This will make the process of transfer straightforward once you get a buyer interested in your property. By doing this check, you also confirm that all your taxes have been paid promptly, and you are then cleared to sell.

    2.    Clear all the debts related to the property

The second thing is to clear each dept the property had. Be it the foreman who had been fixing the drainage or the electrician who worked on the wiring; please pay them. This is to be mindful of the person who might be moving in on the property. No one wants to be asked for money they had no idea they owed. So, even if you had listed this property as collateral for a commodities trading deal, unlist it before selling.

    3.     Get all the paperwork in check

The next thing to do is gather the title deed and any other relevant documentation needed in the transfer of the property. If anything needs revisions, do so punctually to avoid the last-minute rush. Selling of land or a house is a legal matter, so also make sure that your lawyer has drafted all the agreements beforehand. Such that when the transfer of ownership commences, the process does not take forever.

    4.    If there is fixing, do it

It is never lovely walking into your newly bought premises only to be met with several things to fix. So if you are selling property, kindly put yourself in the shoes of your client. Would you feel nice incurring extra costs to repair the piping of the home you just bought? So on that note, fix each thing that needs fixing. If you can’t, the least you could do is negotiate a price reduction with the buyer.

    5.    Search the markets to get a reasonable price for your property

Have you ever looked through a property selling site to find a property with a very high asking price, and when you look at the pictures, it does not match up. Well, do not let this be you. There are a few things that you must consider when placing a price tag on your property. These considerations are nearness to social amenities, public transport, security, and the size of the property. This is in addition to the costs you used to buy or build the property plus all the money spent on that land. So much so, make a comparison to similar properties to yours and find the best fit price to it.

On the other hand, if you want to have a higher asking price, consider doing a complete revamp of your house and give it a facelift. Repaint the walls, cut the grass, and even add some plants in the garden.

    6.    Find a reliable real estate agent to represent you

Lastly, find a trustworthy real estate firm or agent to serve you. Indeed you might have your hands full to do the bidding yourself, so get one to do it for you. Look for professionalism and transparency. If you get one, then you do not have to worry about the process of looking for a client.


The above pointers will help you get the right customer and also create a good rapport with them afterward. The good thing is that it does not cost you much to do the right thing, does it! Do it and do it right.

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