The Key Benefits of a New, Quality Mattress



If you have a tight budget that’s now even more pressed due to the effect of the coronavirus on the economy, you’re probably looking for ways to cut costs further. This tactic is sensible and practical, but do be strategic about what you spend money on.

If sleep is a struggle right now, you won’t be as productive, level-headed, or as mentally tough as you could be if enjoying plenty of shut-eye. That’s why it pays to invest in a new, quality mattress like one of these reviewed by Sleep Advisor if your current one is old and worn out. There are multiple benefits to be enjoyed from sleeping on a new bed this year.

Better Sleep

The first main plus from swapping out your old mattress for a new one is that it should help you to sleep better. A fresh bed should be more comfortable, leading you to fall asleep sooner and get into and stay in a deeper sleep for longer. Many people find that once they start resting on a new mattress, they have fewer sleep disturbances throughout the night.

There are also many other positive results to come out of getting better rest. For example, many people notice they have better speed and accuracy when completing tasks, concentrate and focus more deeply and for longer, and have a sharper memory.

Sometimes people can also more effectively form new ideas and develop thoughts. Plus, receiving quality sleep leads to less weight gain over a year for most, and helps to ward off stress, as you’re more prepared to deal with the daily rigors of life.

In general, your overall physical and mental health should get a significant boost from getting more sleep thanks to a new mattress. Proper sleep is linked, too, with a heightened immune system and reduced risk of some serious diseases and illnesses, such as heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

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Improved Body Alignment

If you struggle with postural problems, joint stiffness, general aches, back pain, or related issues, change to a quality new mattress sooner rather than later. Your current bed probably isn’t suitable for your body type, size, or the way you sleep (e.g., side, back, or stomach sleeper).

It may have also simply worn out and no longer provides you with adequate support. If this is the case, you won’t be getting the correct spinal alignment you need for around one-third of your week, based on average sleeping hours of eight hours daily.

A mattress, to do its job effectively, should support every part of your body equally. This even weight distribution keeps your spine in a neutral position and helps you to avoid developing a variety of health problems, including chronic pain. Also, proper mattresses can relieve pressure points, which again alleviates and prevents pain.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

It’s not an issue for everyone, but if you’re someone who constantly deals with allergies, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than being unable to rest peacefully or waking up feeling awful and sneezing due to allergies compounded by old mattresses. Many beds are a haven for allergens, particularly dust mites. This problem gets worse over time as the mattress ages.

Make life better for yourself by investing in a new product to sleep on. While a fresh mattress will automatically improve things as mites won’t have had time to make a home in it, also look into specially-designed, hypoallergenic options. For instance, buy an organic cotton mattress online or in-store, as the more natural materials used and lower levels of chemicals involved will reduce the likelihood of allergens. 

More Controlled Snoring

If you or your partner is a nightly snorer, you’ll know how much of a problem this can cause for the non-snoring person’s rest time. Thankfully, though, you can tackle snoring by bringing in a brand new mattress. The reason for this is that snoring happens when airway passages at the back of your mouth become partially obstructed during sleep.

This obstruction stems from numerous things, including the prostate position you take on your bed. If your mattress sags too much as you lie on it (which often happens when mattresses age and the springs or other materials falter), you’ll end up with your head and neck at an unhelpful angle, lacking support. In turn, this will cause your throat to constrict, and you’re more likely to start snoring.

Opt for a new, medium-firm mattress, though, and your spine should stay correctly aligned, your weight evenly distributed, and your tendency to snore significantly decreased.

Buying a new mattress may take some time, energy, and funds, but the benefits you receive from taking this step are many and varied, and worthwhile in so many ways. Get your days off to a better start by sleeping on a new mattress today.


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