The Best Home Features to Boost the Value of Your House The best home features to boost the value of


Buying and selling a home is a huge step in your life. You should always know the most popular home features if you are getting into the real estate market.

Choosing to add a few of the most popular features to your home if you are selling will boost the speed at which you can close significantly. Many new features have become popular in new homes sold today.

Top 10 new home features

Everything from barn doors for sale to more traditional home options can help to add or detract value from the final sale price. Having the right combination of features for your home will boost its value the most.

1. Full-sized attached laundry room

Nearly one hundred percent of homeowners preferred to have a home that includes a laundry and dryer connection.

If a home does not have these connections, then the only way people can clean their clothes is to go to a laundromat. If you do not already have a laundry room, but would like to boost your home value, then adding one is not a bad idea.

2. Three or more bedrooms

Look the best when you show off your home by making sure that everything is neat and organized. Most families that are purchasing homes today want a home that has at least a minimum of three bedrooms.

This is so that they will have room to expand in the future. Most people who are buying homes understand that they will be living there for several years and that things could change during that time. Purchasing a home that has additional bedrooms is a way for people to plan ahead.

3. Energy-efficient appliances

Homebuyers today have become more aware of the cost of their appliances. One of the highest costs of owning a home can be keeping things running.

Choosing to upgrade the appliances in your home to energy-efficient appliances will reduce your monthly utility bill and increase your home’s desirability.

4. Efficient windows and insulation

Follow up on the increase in the desirability of energy-efficient appliances.

Many people have become more interested in choosing to work with homes that have insulation and features that boost the efficiency of the home and minimize your monthly expenses.

5. Solar power

Keeping the cost of homeownership as low as possible is one of the most important trends in the real estate market today.

Homes that have solar power will end up paying significantly less for electricity over time. Homes that have solar power installed will sell much more quickly.

6. Granite countertops

Countertops made of granite have been one of the most popular features for home kitchens in the modern era. In the past, granite was difficult to source, so it was only found in the most wealthy places.

It is easier to find this type of stone, and it is much more affordable, but it is still just as aesthetically pleasing as it ever has been.

7. Full-size dishwasher

If a kitchen does not have a dishwasher, the people will have to wash them by hand. Most people today do not like to wash dishes by hand.

If they have the option to choose a home with a dishwasher, and a home without a dishwasher, then they will almost always choose the one that has it.

8. Complete kitchen

Not all homes will have all of the appliances that you considered necessary for a complete kitchen. You may have a stove without an oven, for example.

Having all of the necessary appliances for a complete kitchen in your home will significantly boost the desirability.

9. Backyard

Increase your home’s value by choosing to work on the landscaping of your lawn.

Backyard spaces can be a huge place we value and are added to your home’s final asking price. People will often buy a house simply because of the property upon which it lays.

10. Screened patio

Finally, even people with a nice backyard still enjoy being able to go outside without being eaten alive by bugs.

If you have a nice screened patio at the back of your house, it can be a huge selling point for the right buyer.

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