The 4 Biggest Design Mistakes After Buying A New Home


The 4 Biggest Design Mistakes After Buying A New Home


When buying a house you’re usually after your dream home. You have a vision of what you want it to be like and have looked at dozens of houses to finally land on the perfect one.


The problems is that there is no perfect house unless you have it built yourself. In a bid to make it perfect, you may end up making some mistakes that cost you time, money or the dream itself. Sometimes all of the above.


Renovating a house can be fun but it is also a huge challenge. To avoid making some common mistakes that first time homebuyers make, take a look at the list below. You’ll find out what you need to avoid doing.


1 – Starting your renovations too early


There are some renovations that need to be done right away, like hiring a roofing company to fix the roof or a company to shore up the foundation.


Other renovations can wait. It is really wise to live in your house for a little while before making any big changes. You may be tempted to have everything done for when you move in only to find that things aren’t working as expected.


This is especially true if you plan to update the kitchen. Live in the kitchen for a while to understand how you actually use the space. If you had done that first, you could potentially make some mistakes on the placement of the appliances or how you need to organize things.


2 – Expecting things to happen on a perfect schedule


There are few things that cause more stress than having a date in mind for things to be done and worry as it looks as though the deadline can’t be met. You’ll need to free your mind of certain expectations because nothing is going to happen on time.


Scheduling a plumber, electrician and carpenter and then expecting them to coordinate and be there when they are supposed to be is futile. This is not a knock against those hard working craftsmen, it is just reality. It is very difficult for things to go according to plan and on schedule.


3 – Not hiring a designer


It doesn’t matter how creative you are or how many design shows you watch on TV. nothing can really substitute a professional. They understand a lot about design on a more practical level.


A designer can spot a bottleneck a mile away and understand how the flow of the house will go. You may have a keen eye for design, but they have the experience to understand how to make the design look nice and actually work.


Hiring one at the outset will prevent a lot of headaches later.


4 – Making too many changes after the work begins


Having a set vision from the beginning and then seeing it through is the best bet. If you are asking for changes along the way, then chances are the design will suffer. You may also add more time and money on to the project.

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