Summer-proofing Your Outdoor Spaces




Photo by Derwin Edwards from Pexels



The summer season invites people to spend a bit more time outdoors, basking in the glorious sun that only comes for a limited period of time. However, too much sun can cause heat stroke and sunburns.


There is a middle ground to be achieved – a way to enjoy nature’s gifts without getting a heat stroke or experiencing the inconvenience of overexposure. By redesigning and making additional improvements to your outdoor spaces, you can enjoy more time outdoors with your family and get your much needed Vitamin D without the added complications.


Here are some ways to summer-proof and yield maximum benefit from your outdoor spaces:


1.    Plant a tree.


We know this takes a while for you to reap the benefits entirely, but trust that it will be worth the wait. There are several benefits to having a tree in your backyard:


·        Accommodating for a tree in your backyard or garden improves the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. It makes your place look formidable and balances the much too urban and concrete squareness that modern houses have now.

·        If it is a tree that bears fruit, you will get that fringe benefit of harvesting some crops when the time comes.

·        Trees prevent soil erosion.

·        Trees help clean the air that you and your family breathe.


And of course, having a tree in your backyard provides natural shade from the sun’s rays, and protects you from intense heat on those especially hot days.


2.    Install some awnings by your doorways and roofing on your patio.


If you want to hang out in your outdoor area more, make sure your patio is covered sufficiently with proper roofing and that awnings are installed by your doorways. These may seem like minimal adjustments but could significantly decrease the heat that you experience had they not been in place. Companies like City Seamless Patio Covers are one such provider of these kinds of products. You will also have the option of picking the best design for your home.


3.    Mount a carport by your garage.


Your cars being out in the sun when not in use can absorb all the heat that you definitely don’t want to be enveloped in when you eventually need to use them. A carport is a functional additive to your outdoor area and will very well protect your cars from soaking up too much of the heat.


4.    Get that pool serviced.


If you have a pool and haven’t been tending to it regularly, make sure to have it cleaned immediately. Now is the best time to make good use of your investment – but make sure it is safe to get yourself and your family submerged in the waters.


Swimming is a good source of exercise, of cooling your whole body down, and of course bonding with your whole family as you turn the summer heat around.


You can also install a shade for your pool to limit your exposure to the sun while you’re at it.


These are some of the top pointers that you can put in place as you think of getting your outdoor spaces summer ready. Take advantage of what nature has to give by being prepared and enjoying her gifts while you can!

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