Success Guide for a Fast House Sale


Success Guide for a Fast House Sale



A family home has a certain intrinsic value in British society and we all know the famous saying, ” An Englishman’s home is his castle”, which summarizes the importance of owning property. It is a fact of life that it unfortunately so happens during people’s lives that they need to sell their family homes. There are many different reasons why but in certain instances, you need to sell your house quickly. Being pressured when selling a property can be the cause of great stress, just ask around and you will hear many stories of how people suffered to sell the family home. In this article we will look at some home improvement and other tips which can help to sell your house quickly when needed, reducing your stress levels substantially.


How To Do a Sale


Estate Agents


Many sellers believe in doing it the traditional way, going to your local estate agents and let them sell your house. They will list your house, normally at a price above the market value to allow room for negotiation. Just watch a few television programs to fully appreciate the negotiations on the selling price which takes place. They will advertise it and if they do a sale you must pay the solicitor’s fees and the agent’s commission. This method can work well if you are not in a hurry and don’t mind paying the monthly bond repayments while the agent tries to find cash buyers for houses on his books.


Online Property Portal


A less traditional method is to sell the house yourself by advertising on an online property portal. This will expose your house to a larger audience, but you must show the clients around. You can save on estate agents fees but will have to pay solicitor’s fee’s and bond repayments when the property sale takes place.


Property Buyers


Everybody that previously attempted to sell a family home will agree that finding cash buyers for houses is to put the cherry on the cake. This might not be as difficult as you imagined after listening to some agents lamenting the scarcity of cash buyers. There is an innovative way available which ensures that you sell your house fast to a cash buyer. The solution,” sell family home “ to property buyers. You get a cash deal within 7 days, selling price below market value but with no agents and solicitor’s fees payable, and no further mortgage bond repayments, it can work out an even better price than the one, you get six to nine months after the estate or the online property website listed it under the banner, “ sell family home, urgent sale”


First impressions


First impressions do last and although superficial improvements and repairs can create buyer’s interest in your home, it won’t make the same impression to an experienced property valuator. Valuators look from the perspective of the intrinsic value of the home after the deduction of possible repair costs and don’t get swayed by outward appearances only. Once we understand, that we have to satisfy both the prospective buyer and the valuator who must give an objective opinion on the value of the house before the property sale can be concluded, it becomes much clearer on what is expected of us.


Inspect, Repair and Tell


Many buyers rely on the valuator’s opinion to tell them more about the physical condition of the home and rightfully so. This will help them to find out if the asking price is fair value based on the intrinsic value of the house. It is always helpful before a valuation takes place to inspect the structure of the house and to repair any plumbing, electricity or possible structural damage.


The Boiler Clinches The Deal


A very good idea is to arrange an inspection of the boiler because no buyer wants to search for a same day boiler repair service just after the move into a new home. Having no warm water for that shower you looked forward to after spending time in the garden is a real killer. Display the inspection results


Make or Break


For a sale to be concluded the prospective buyer must first like the house and be able to visualize it becoming the new family home fulfilling the buyer’s needs. The homewares play an important role to show the buyer what the house can offer, blending the outdoor and the indoor into a well- designed home. Take cognizance that homewares can make or break a property sale, many buyers prefer houses to be open plan with uncluttered views. Unclutter the house to allow a better view of the house. Ensure that the garden and outdoors is neat, newly painted walls, window frames and doors always make a good impression during viewing.




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