Starting the Road to Recovery – What You Need to Do


Though there are many types of addiction, many find that there are similar steps that need to be taken on the road to recovery. Here are some of the steps that you need to consider when you are ready to face your demons and come out the other side of an addiction.

Admit You Need Help

You cannot be expected to make it on the road to recovery if you do not have some form of support. This can take any form that you want, but it is important that you find a network so you have someone to lean on when times are tough.

If you feel comfortable talking to your friends and family, you need to make sure that you reach out to them and let them know what you are going through. Though this can be incredibly nerve-wracking to do, it might be one of the best moves that you could make overall. They might be very understanding and willing to help you out as you work towards full recovery.

You also need to think about getting professional help. For all the help that your friends and family can give you, you can also find a lot more useful help from professionals. They can give you exercises and coping methods that can help you confront and tackle the causes of your addiction. They may also be able to point you towards other resources that you can use, such as a therapy network with other people who are going through the same as you.

Consider Rehab

If you need to spend some time away from your current living situation, a stay in a rehabilitation center might be just what you need. It means that you will have many of the vices that you might rely on removed from you. You will therefore be able to focus on your triggers in a controlled and safe environment, as well as be given a chance to grow and rediscover aspects of yourself that you might have lost due to your addiction.

Choosing to head to a facility that offers holistic recovery might be best for you. Holistic addiction recovery focuses on finding healing through other pursuits. You might want to connect to nature in some way, perhaps through a connection to animals or some other fulfilling activity. Whether you are searching for holistic alcoholism recovery or help with some other area of addiction, it might be able to help you.

Commit to Changes to Your Life

There are going to have to be some changes that you make to your life to guarantee that you are not going to end up at square one again. The first step you need to do is to remove anything in your home that might take you back. For example, those recovering from an alcohol addiction might choose to remove all their liquor and other alcohols from their home so that they have no temptations in their lower moments.

You also might want to think of something that can be used to replace any harmful behavior. Taking up a new hobby might be a great move, especially when added to one of the many holistic paths that you could take. If you decide to try something artistic like painting, or try something with dogs or horses if you have tried animal-based therapies, you will have a great basis for what might even be a new career for you. Try to find a new positive direction you can strike out in that you can use to craft a new life for yourself.

Recognize That You Will Have to Give Up Some Things

There are going to be several choices that you need to make that will not be easy for you to do. If you have a group of friends who might pull you back into old behaviors, it might be easier for you to leave them behind and focus on your future instead. They might be determined to hold onto you and tempt you back into your old ways, so cutting them off might be your best option here.

You also need to think about some of your more destructive behaviors and come up with ways that you can navigate around them. For example, if you want to stop yourself purchasing alcohol at the supermarket, why not consider asking a friend to come shopping with you for the first few times? They could act as a brilliant distraction to help you keep away from the parts of the supermarket that you want to avoid.

You also need to think about some of the other changes you might want to make. For example, at first you might not be comfortable meeting friends for casual drinks or a night out. The temptation for alcohol might be great, and so it could be a good idea for you to avoid the situation altogether until you feel more confident in your abilities to stay sober. This is just an example for alcoholism, but it can also apply to many other types of addiction.


Keep Track of Changes

This is going to be a very long process and at times it might feel like you are completely stagnant and not moving forward. These can often be the times that you feel most vulnerable, so you should also think about making sure that you have an outlet that you can rely on to keep you strong.

Find some way that works for you that allows you to keep track of all the changes you feel, both the good and the bad. You might want to take a photo of yourself every day, or you could decide to try journaling. Whatever could provide an emotional outlet for your needs should be considered. Though the road to recovery will be long, it will be a journey that you will be more than proud to finish, no matter where you choose to start it.

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