Some Ways to Organize Your Ultimate Home Writing Dissertation Space


Writing, any serious writing and that includes dissertations, requires total concentration, commitment, and a very conducive environment for best results. Dissertations are crucial to completing a degree course and must attract your best attention the moment you embark on the writing. 

To achieve this, you need comfort and quiet, especially if you are writing from home, and here are five ways you can optimize your home writing dissertation space.

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Identify the right room

Before you think of desks, computers, and accessories, you must first identify a convenient room in the house you can convert into your workstation. 

Of course, if you have a spare room, this is a no brainer and you will move on to the next stage that includes furnishing. However, you may face a situation that lacks this luxury and will need to be extra creative in setting up a comfortable workspace for writing your dissertation. 

The guiding principle here is comfort, quiet, and least intrusive distractions at the workspace. As such, whatever room, niche, or corner of the house you settle on must meet these requirements if you hope to complete the dissertation writing successfully.

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Make the workspace comfortable

The size and layout of the physical space will determine the type of furniture you will use. With this in mind, choose a good, simple, but functional desk that can serve your needs efficiently. A desk with inbuilt storage brings added advantage in helping unclutter the working space once you start writing.

A good chair with excellent ergonomics is necessary for your comfort and back health, especially when you expect long sitting periods. Meeting a dissertation deadline can mean working long hours to get it right and in time for presentation and this can cause back problems if you choose the wrong type of seat. 


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Choose a space with good lighting

Lighting is essential when working indoors and can hinder one’s concentration if the quality is poor. Good lighting also affects people’s moods and this, in turn, extends to productivity, so pay special attention to this when setting up. Working for long in dim lights can create eye-related health issues as well as sleep problems.

Working in natural light during the day can be very uplifting and energizing besides relieving eyestrain from screen glare. Position your workspace near a window to allow in natural light to brighten up the room and enhance your home writing experience. Choose good quality LED lighting for night use if you will write late.

Deal with distractions

The bane of writing from home is the numerous sources of distractions that can throw one off their tracks. Family members or visiting friends may not understand that you are engaged in serious work and may keep barging into your workspace. 

Other times the temptation to stretch on the couch for a few minutes watching TV or indulging in video games may cost valuable time from your schedule.

Set your home writing space away from these gadgets and, if possible, lock yourself in when working to keep family members out. Provide for refreshments within the workspace to avoid having to go out for them and consider using noise-canceling headphones to mute external noise.

Organize your desk and office

Writing a dissertation may require many research and reference materials that, if not organized properly, can create a very depressing scene that is unproductive. 

Come up with a system of filing and arranging every item in such a way that only what you need at a time is on the desk for ease of retrieval. Excess clutter on a desk demotivates and wastes time as you search for misplaced items.

A little coffee table and an easy chair to one side of the home office is good for the short breaks you will be taking. The coffee table can also serve as an extra space for sorting your papers.


With an optimized home writing space set to your taste, you are ready to start work on that very important dissertation. A conducive environment enhances creativity and helps keep focus when engaged in serious writing. Create your own unique and ultimate workspace for successful dissertation writing from home. 

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