Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus Pandemic



While the initial outbreak of COVID-19 created chaos globally and put many industries on pause, including the property market, things are gradually returning to normal and people are starting to wonder what challenges they will face if they put their home on the market while the pandemic is still a threat.

To bring you up to speed, here is a look at the challenges you will face and the opportunities that are available if you decide to sell a house in the shadow of the coronavirus.

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Be patient

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that the pandemic has caused lots of disruption, resulting in delays that will potentially mean that the sale of your property takes longer than would normally be the case.

Everyone from real estate agents and mortgage brokers to lawyers and beyond will likely be working through a backlog at the moment, and could have fewer resources at their disposal. As a result, if you are in a rush to sell it makes sense to work with specialists like the experts at You should be able to get the advice, guidance and support you need to navigate the tricky process of selling a home at this point in time.

Keep up to date with official advice

As the measures put in place by governments to tackle the pandemic are constantly in flux, you should always stay in the loop about official guidelines to avoid falling foul of some recently introduced requirement that could scupper your plans to sell.

In particular it is important to understand the regulations that are in place to govern things like house viewings and the moving of your possessions by third parties, while also considering the factors that impact value to avoid unrealistic expectations.

Harness digital tools

In many cases it may not be possible for prospective buyers to visit your property in person before they make a decision as to whether to put in an offer, whether as a result of official restrictions or because they are simply not comfortable with doing so at the moment.

The answer for sellers hoping to promote their home as effectively as possible is to use the various digital tools at their disposal. Many agents now offer the option to create in-depth virtual viewings, whether using video or fully-fledged, entirely navigable 3D representations of the premises. Even if you are not using an agent, you can easily achieve this yourself using a smartphone.

Act swiftly

At the moment, there is a surprising amount of confidence in the property market, meaning that prices are still rising and there is more demand than supply, which creates ideal circumstances for sellers to get a good deal.

Of course the pandemic is leading to extensive uncertainty about the future of the global economy, so whether this period of positivity will last for a long time remains to be seen.

Ultimately if you are in a position to sell, now is probably the best time to take action, as waiting longer might leave you exposed to whatever volatility is just around the corner.

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