Safety Tips for Owners of Remote Garage Doors


Safety Tips for Owners of Remote Garage Doors

Remote garage doors are extremely convenient for modern homeowners. You can open the garage when you get home with the push of a button. There is no need to get out and manually lift the door. Remote garage doors come with safety sensors, as well. This makes them an excellent choice for homes with kids. Even with these safety sensors built in, it is important to practice good safety etiquette.

Check your Sensor

The most important safety feature on most garage doors is the sensor. The garage door should stop lowering and rise back up if something is in its path. This is a great relief for parents with small children, as kids are very curious and move quickly. You should test your sensor each year. Place a box or other disposable item in the path of your garage door and attempt to close it. The door should stop closing and return to the open position.


If you notice odd noises or your garage door does not move properly, call for a repair. It is common to need a new motor or cables. You should also repair dents in the garage door quickly, as these can lead to an imbalance. The door may bend more over time, making fall off the track. The door can then cave in while it is in the open position. This is extremely dangerous, as it can fall on someone standing in the garage. A garage door specialist can repair the door or recommend new garage doors.

Be Careful with the Remote

Make sure you know where your garage door remote is located. Kids enjoy pushing buttons and playing with their parent’s things. Keep the remote in place where kids cannot reach it.  The remote can also fall into the hands of dishonest people if left outside. Many people place the remote on the visor in their car when they go out. If you park in the driveway, however, mischievous people can easily gain access to your garage. Be sure to bring it inside the house with you.


Little kids are often fascinated by the movement of the garage door. Teach your kids not to play with the remote or the main garage door control. Sometimes kids push the button and see if they can run out of the garage without setting off the sensor. This game is very dangerous. If they manage to evade the sensor, the garage door can close on them. When you are outside playing with your kids, remind them about garage door safety. You can open and close the garage a few times to show them how it works and how heavy the door is. Supervision is, of course, the best way to prevent accidents.

Remote garage doors make daily activities much easier. You can simply open the garage door and drive your car inside to avoid bad weather. It is also comforting to know you can park safely in the garage and close it behind you when you come home late at night. A remote garage door is a great asset to your home when you use it safely. Keep the remote away from kids, test your sensors, and call for maintenance when necessary.

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