Residential Architecture Trends for 2020


Residential Architecture Trends for 2020

If you think 2019 was the hallmark of architectural development then you need to brace yourself for 2020! 2020 marks not only the beginning of a new year but also the beginning of a new decade. Every New Year people change their tastes and interests and architecture is no different. As we usher in the new decade, engineers and architects are rethinking ways to develop structures that are in light of climate change.

2020 will likely be the year where architecture goes green, if ever. The last decade was spent discussing all matters sustainability and it is now time for developers to incorporate eco-friendly materials, methods, and equipment into their designs and construction. Furthermore, past tragedies have made it evident that there is a need to switch to equipment and materials that are more resilient and sustainable.

This dynamic shift in residential architecture trends is due to the fact that engineers are constantly looking to increase productivity while also protecting the environment particularly in an era that has been rocked by numerous environmental scandals.

Residential Architecture Trends For 2020

So what are some of the residential architecture trends that we are likely to see in 2020? Think holes, geometrical openings, facades, ceiling screens, outdoor space, and hardwood and asphalt shingles. 2020 is bringing back the old and revving it up with the new!

Check out this article for top specialty contractor jobs to look out for in 2020. Many of those jobs rely on a firm understanding of the following trends.

2020 Residential Construction Trends Favor Holes

If you have any construction projects slotted for 2020, you might want to consider incorporating the circular void into your design. Shifted volumes and smooth surfaces are great but nothing adds allure quite like holes. Anybody who knows how breathtaking the oculus of the Pantheon is would surely agree that a few circular holes in the ceiling would make any residential structure a masterpiece. 2020 residential construction trends favor holes and so should you!

Trends In Residential Construction Involve Geometrical Openings

Geometry may have been your worst subject in school but it will definitely be your favorite part of your home; if done right! Construction trends in the past decade favored large horizontal windows as a way of providing spaces with natural light but over the years these modernistic features have become way too monotonous- we don’t want that in 2020.

Why not forego the floor-to-ceiling window and go with several square openings in the wall. Play around with these geometrical openings to draw more attention to the beauty of your interior space.

Residential Real Estate Trends Have Popularized Facades

If trends in residential construction are anything to go by, 2020 will see architects incorporate more patterns in residential facades as in commercial buildings. The exterior wall of a building is what architects refer to as a façade. A patterned façade is a sure way to create a buzz as demonstrated by Toronto’s One Delisle.

The One Delisle (pictured above) by US architecture firm Studio Gang features stretched hexagonal facades with planters on top. The eight-story skyscraper was incorporated multiple distorted hexagons piled together to depict a tapered tower. Patterned facades may appear subtle from the outside but the dramatic play of shadows that they create in the interior is definitely worth experiencing.

Residential Lighting Trends: Natural Light Via Ceiling Screens

Technology has given us magnificent artificial lighting but natural light will never go out of style. Artificial lighting may make a structure stunning but natural light helps to cozy up any space. Current residential lighting trends are leaning heavily towards natural lighting as opposed to artificial light. As with residential lighting trends, current residential roofing trends are in favor of ceiling screens to bring in more natural light.

Screens were designed to provide shade from the sun and the run but today’s architects are devising new ways to use screens as a cover without blocking all the sunlight. Overhead shading systems are increasingly being used to reduce the need for artificial lighting. But that’s not all; overhead shading using screens is of great aesthetic value as it can produce dramatic shadows in the interior as the sun moves. Simply, screens are a great way to play with light patterns for any residential building.

Maximize Outdoor Space


Trends in residential construction indicate that a majority of developers are looking to bring back patios, terraces, and balconies to their residential designs. Outdoor spaces will incorporate more glass in 2020 to allow for opening and closing as the weather dictates. Mobile stoves will be a great additional feature for outdoor spaces during the cold season.

Residential Flooring Trends favor hardwood for 2020

Chief among the trends that are unlikely to go out of style is hardwood flooring and the construction industry is gobbling it up for 2020. Hardwood is preferred by architects and homeowners alike because it works with all types of surfaces. Dark hardwood flooring is particularly well-liked in the construction industry for kitchen floors and entryways.

In 2020 we expect to see a lot of:

      ●       Wide hardwood planks

      ●       Cool colors such as white, gray and dark brown hardwood flooring

      ●            Satin finishes

      ●             Matte finishes

      ●        Environmentally-friendly hardwood finishes such as Bona Traffic.

      ●        Material that mimics the look of hardwood such as porcelain tiles and engineered vinyl planks. These materials are waterproof and therefore work perfectly in areas that are typically exposed to moisture such as the kitchen or bathroom. They are also a perfect way to save costs in cases where it is impractical to use hardwood.

Residential Roofing Trends: Asphalt Shingles Remain Popular

Residential roofing trends suggest that more people will be using asphalt shingles in 2020. Asphalt roofing shingles have grown popular because of their dynamic nature; they are as durable as they are accessible which makes them the go-to roofing material for residential roofing in 2020.


Generally, trends in residential architecture and construction indicate that people are shifting towards minimalistic modernism. People also want more practicality without compromising on aesthetics. In addition, construction trends for 2020 will be more geared towards sustainability and environmental friendliness.

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