Quick and Affordable Renovations to Consider before you List your Property


When getting ready to put your Houses for sale in Upwey, the fear that it might not sell fast or bring in the amount that you expect will often creep up on you. The situation can get even more stressful when you begin to ponder about what the home inspector report might look like and what potential buyers will think of it.


On the other hand, there is the good feeling that comes with knowing that there are a few quick and affordable renovations you can make to better your home and increase your property value. A large-scale remodeling project will undoubtedly raise the value of your home, and buyers will undoubtedly find it appealing and luring.


Low-cost home improvements are simple. Some of which you can even carry out on your own, and the chances are high that they could accelerate the sale of your property and bring you a reasonable profit. The goal of your home renovations should be to make your home homier and look move-in ready to future buyers. Use this list of home updates to help you to attract buyers and speed up the sale of your home.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

If your walls have scratches or dirty paint, an outdated color or tacky wallpaper, or even a bit of little elbow grease, a few cans of paint can make a dramatic difference. To maximize the value of your home for a sale, choose a neutral color scheme that brings the entire house together, makes the rooms look far more spacious, and appeals to a wide variety of potential buyers.

Update Fixtures

Switch plates, outlet covers, curtain rods, light fixtures, and doorknobs are often left unnoticed, but you can add significant changes for just a few dollars. Interestingly, metal switch plates and outlet covers can cost as little as $5 each but look much more expensive.


Light fixtures and decorative curtain rods can often be a little bit pricier, but you can make an inexpensive accessory look elegant with just a can of spray paint. Again, when you are planning to sell, make sure to choose items in colors and materials that will appeal to any potential home buyer.

Keep it Modern

Updating your floors is a great way to improve the look and value of your home. Older homes are likely to have hardwood floors loitering beneath the carpet. A squeaky floor is often a sign that you may have wood floors. If you are not sure, pull your carpet up in an unnoticeable corner and check. If you do have wood floors, there is a good chance you would have to refinish them to restore them to their original magnificence, but it will be far less expensive than installing new flooring from scratch. More affordable options for updating your floors include replacing worn carpets or installing vinyl floors, either of which may impress potential buyers. It is surprising how an on the surface, harmless element like a cabinet doorknob can make your kitchen or bedrooms look dated. Updating this hardware can give your home a newer look, whether you redo your cabinets or not.

Remodel your Bathroom

Investing here is one of the best options for increased resale value. Remodeling the bathroom gives you the chance to replace the old inefficient pipes and fixtures with new fixtures that will help you to save on the electricity bills and suppress water usage. Some of the best bathrooms remodel for resale include small changes such as re-caulking the tub, changing the showerhead, and replacing the faucets. For a more significant change, you could purchase a new bathtub or install new wall tiles.

Make your Home more Energy Efficient

One of the best home improvements to make before selling is to improve energy efficiency. You can enhance the energy efficiency of your home in several different ways. Adding insulation to your home and replacing old appliances for more efficient ones can reduce electricity bills for yourself as well as for potential buyers by changing light bulbs to LED light bulbs, and improve your resale value. You can market these updates to potential buyers by providing copies of your utility bills or by leaving the certifications on your new appliances.

Keep it Simple

The outside of your home will be necessary for attracting potential buyers and closing the deal. The best home remodels for a resale include adding low maintenance curb appeal with attractive landscaping. When you are remodeling for a resale, it is essential to update your garden by removing any high maintenance plants or trees, clearing out weeds, edging your sidewalks and driveway, trimming trees and bushes, and fertilizing your yard.


It would also be in your best interest to consider hiring a landscape designer to add a few hearty plants that look great and require little attention. Low maintenance landscaping is more appealing for people who are just moving in as their attention will be focused more on moving in and making small changes, so their attention might not immediately be on the plants. Flowers and other plants are a great way to brighten your home’s exterior.


Use greenery in front of your house and along walkways. This is a great way to draw attention to your home. Choose perennial plants, or plants that will come back year after year, rather than annuals, which will die in a year or less and not return. Patch up any bald spots in the yard with fresh sod.


Upgrading your home does not have to be expensive or complicated, and it does not even have to involve contractors. There is a wide variety of projects for all price ranges and all levels of skill as well as enthusiasm that can improve your home’s value, to future buyers. Putting a few of these home-improvement ideas into action will help you get the most value out of your most significant assets, whether you are staying in it or selling.

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