Popular sunroom types in Minnesota


Sunrooms are in a clear definition an extra part that you add to the back of your house. It is enclosed with walls and screens made of glass.

Patio enclosures in Pittsburgh come with quite many advantages, such as giving you a place to hang out from the rest of your house in case you need to experience the outside atmosphere. Maybe even to have a lunch date with some of your friends.

They also have an extra advantage in that they keep away the bugs and insects that would rather give you a hard time when you are outside. You also get to enjoy the wonderful outdoors. You can use it as a home office or even an extra space for your house guests.

Here is a list of the most popular sunroom types in Minnesota:


Conservatories are the most common types of sunrooms in Minnesota. They bring elegance and beauty to your home. Your home’s equity also gets more from the use of this type of sunroom. When done in the right way, the conservatory allows in a lot of light. It can also be a place of entertainment, a sanctuary garden, or even just a lush.

Screen Rooms

This type is a little bit costly than having a complete sunroom. What a screen room does is take up a patio that is already in place and enclose it in a screening. They also have the extra advantage of keeping away the insects and bugs from your reach.

Its functionality is not that different from that of patio cover. However, the patio cover is not so good when it comes to keeping away the bugs and insects.


Solariums have a wall and roof made of glass. It, therefore, provides you with a full view of your surroundings without anything blocking your view. Every room has a one-inch thick double pane glass. It provides comfort by improving the cooling and heating performance.

Four Seasons Rooms

If you require that year-round living space in your home then a four seasons room is the right sunroom type for you. The entire room is made with thermal breaks that cover the whole structure together with the double-pane. Added to it is a comfort guard insulated glass with high performance. This allows you to cool and heat at the lowest cost possible. The four seasons room is enclosed by a patio also identified as an all seasons room. It is built with either aluminum or vinyl framing. A 6-inch roof is included to provide extra protection and protection from snow loads and high intensity. No matter your choice whether simple or elaborate, the available options fit every budget.

Three seasons sunrooms

This type of sunroom is the best addition for the homeowners with a desire to enjoy the outdoors right from the comfort of their homes. At the same tie with no necessary need for the living space for the whole year when it comes to the climate. It is the most affordable option.

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