Packing Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Internationally



Moving houses is a difficult task to do if you are moving internationally. You need to move some of your household goods and essential possessions by packing them properly to avoid any inconveniences that may happen. Once you’ve purchased your home and sealed your purchase agreement, you need to tackle the actual move. Aside from selling your home, you also have to pack the things that you will take with you. The process of packing your items will surely stress you out, especially if you do not have a concrete plan.

You might want to consider perfecting the process of packing your things to avoid any inconveniences that it may cause in the middle of transportation. It would also save you time and effort while you are in the process of moving.

But there are still individuals who commit packing mistakes when moving. Here are some packing mistakes that you should avoid:

You Don’t Have a Plan for Packing

One of the common errors that you may experience is not to have a plan for packing. It would be best if you formulate your strategy and create a more specific time frame for packing your things.

According to, your packing strategy should include specific relocation requirements. A packing calendar should come in handy and better stick to your schedule, and it will be your key to a successful move.

You should apply these basic rules for quick and efficient packing:

       ●       Avoid littering during the process.

       ●       You may start packing from the rooms that you frequent and toward the other areas.

       ●       It is also recommended that you begin packing bigger items such as furniture, kitchen appliances, and office furniture and then proceed to your smaller items.

Not Accepting Help

Refusing any packing help is not a good idea. You should accept the help offered for packing your belongings. Your task will go ahead of your schedule, and it would lessen the stress of moving to another location.

There are also instances that your packing estimate will go beyond schedule, and sometimes ahead of schedule.

Packing For Later

Leaving packing for later is the least that you should do because it is the worst packing strategy for any individual. You should instead, take advantage of packing your belongings right away whenever you have the time. Cramming when your move date is near can cause you to pack haphazardly, and this can lead to problems when you need to unpack. When you are pressed for time, you might not be able to sort things properly.

Insufficient Packing Supplies

Be sure to add this one to your list and consider checking that all your things are ready for packing. You may use foam peanuts as space fillers to protect your valuables inside the box. When you don’t have these items prepared, you run the risk of packing fragile items incorrectly.

Not Sorting Your Things

Not sorting your things before packing is a sign of laziness. This will help you pack your items properly, and once you reach your destination, you will find an easy time locating all your belongings.

Packing Prohibited Items

Packing prohibited items is one of the worst things that you can do in moving. Your schedule will inevitably get interrupted, and it might put your career in danger. Here is a list of forbidden items that you should avoid:

       ●       Hazardous Objects: Be sure to prevent any flammable, explosive or corrosive materials. It is recommended that you skip packing these. It would be best to purchase a new one instead when you have already moved.

       ●       Perishables: When moving internationally, you should pack your perishables last. If you are planning to have them shipped separately, make sure that you allow time for delays in cargo. If you plan to put them in your hand carry, check if they are permitted by your airline.

Moving into an entirely new place can be scary and exciting at the same time. Remove some of the stress by seeking help from professional movers to make your life easier.

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