Moving Home? Here’s Some Tips From The Experts


With all the packing and moving, the entire process of moving from one home to another can be stressful. It’s true whether you’re moving just down the street, across the country, or within the Boise foothills.

Moving is one big household task. It can be extremely overwhelming unless you’re a minimalist. But, if you can stay organized and get a head start, you should make it through the whole process unscathed.

For you to help you enjoy your new abode in no time, below are some expert moving tips:

     1.     Figure Out A Move Strategy

How do you plan to get from point A to B on moving day? If you’ll move a long-distance or you have a big family, you’ll want to be pricing out moving companies. For instance, if you’re moving around Boise in Idaho, check out professional moving websites, like

For shorter moves, you can consider renting out a truck for the day or assemble your nicest friends with trucks.

     2.     Schedule The Move Strategically

If you’re hoping to obtain a better rate on a rental truck or moving company, avoid scheduling the move at the end of the month or on weekends. They’re actually more willing to give deals during the week/mid-month when they’re usually slower.

Also, when hiring a moving company, try to book the earliest time available in the morning slot. You want to get the job more efficiently done, so make sure the moving crew is fresh when you move.

     3.     Arrange The Utilities Early

When moving house, it’s important to set up home insurance, gas, council tax, and other utilities early. It’ll be saving you a great deal of stress after moving in and give you more time to relax and settle in your new home.

Don’t forget to use “Just Move In” to save valuable money and time sorting your utilities out. By doing so, you can save up to eight hours of administration time when you set up utility services.

     4.     Determine The Best Route To Reach Your New Home

To avoid wasting your move-in day pulling over four different times typing an address into your mobile phone’s GPS or sitting in gridlock traffic, you need an efficient travel route. It holds whether you’re moving to Boise, a neighboring town, across state lines, or across the country.

Take necessary stops, detours, and traffic into account when making your plan. Also, look up schedules for highway construction ahead of time. Figuring out the most efficient and the easiest way to reach your new home is also of utmost importance to move out safely.

     5.     Get The Right Materials

Shrinkwrap can be every mover’s best friend when the time to move finally comes. Of course, you also wouldn’t want to forget bubble wrap, packing tape, and plenty of boxes.

Using the shrink wrap, you can secure expensive and fragile items, like furniture. Doors and drawers on dressers and wardrobes can be securely fastened shut through this cost-effective material.

Also, don’t forget that it’ll never hurt to purchase more of the needed materials than you think you’ll require.

     6.     Create An Inventory

Following a moving house checklist will help. But, one thing that’ll really help you keep an eye out on your things is an inventory. Create one to make sure none of your belongings get lost throughout the whole house moving process.

It’s also worth considering hiring a removal company as they can create the inventory for you.

     7.     Focus On Just One Room Or Area At A Time

It can be overwhelming to look around at your belongings when you’re getting ready for a move. That’s why you should focus on just one room at a time. It’ll allow you to divide into smaller ones the big goal of packing up your entire place.

Packing one room at a time saves you a lot of time and keeps things organized later when you finally need to unpack.

     8.     Label All Your Boxes

Another expert moving home tip is to label every single box you’re bringing to your new home. Make sure you can easily and quickly see what’s inside them by marking them on two sides. Labeling all your boxes allows you to identify them without problems even if they get stacked in your garage or other location.

If you plan to hire the services of a moving company, your mover will also appreciate it if you can label the boxes to help them ensure that they’re not moving too much at a single time. It’s especially important if you have many boxes marked fragile and your hired mover will be working in slippery and cold conditions. Labeling the boxes will help them move one at a time while making sure that the contents aren’t subjected to damage.

     9.     Watch The Weight Of The Boxes

Make sure the boxes aren’t too heavy. Not only will heavy boxes become a literal pain for the moving company personnel on moving day, but it’ll also be difficult for you to get moving around while packing your things.

Try to stick to the thirty-pound limit for each of your boxes, which is the general rule. Also, use smaller boxes when packing your heavier items, such as books. Doing so will prevent overloading.

     10.     Pack A Personal Overnight Bag

Toiletries, your laptop, a water bottle, and a change of clothes allow you to feel at home in your new place. Depending on the variety of things you’re bringing, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to unpack everything on the first day. Thus, it makes sense to bring whatever you need to settle and relax on your first night.

     11.     Load Heavy Furniture Into The Truck First

Sofas, sectionals, and other heavy furniture should be loaded first. Finish with folding chairs that can be converted into clothes hangers, DIY nightstand, and other lighter items.

Take note that your wooden items aren’t actually made from wood, but rather particle board, so be gentle with everything. Also, note that some couches transport well on their sides, so don’t be afraid to flip them over. It’ll surely save you a ton of space during the moving process.


As you can see, there’s a lot of changes that go into moving home. However, they’re important to avoid getting stressed out when you finally move residences. Have an organized move by following the 11 expert tips above.


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