Move It! A Checklist for Moving


Move It! A Checklist for Moving


Moving is an adventure, but if you don’t put in the proper attention to preparation, it will be a nightmare. To keep the move positive for you and your family, you want to be sure that you follow the prep list for moving below. It can be your lifesaver!


A Few Months Out (Or as Soon as You Know You Are Moving)

As soon as you know you are moving or a few months from moving day, you want to:


·       Purge your belongings.

·       Book your movers after getting quotes and checking them out.

·       Research what you need to do to get utilities/cable/phone set up in your new home.

Six Weeks from Moving Day

You are just six weeks away from moving day, so be sure that you follow this checklist to prepare for the big day.


·       Make travel and room arrangements. If you are moving to a new state or country, you

may need to make travel arrangements, such as airline or hotel reservations.


·       Get your packing supplies together. Order your boxes, get your labels, and be sure you have plenty of tape.


·       Contact your child’s school, your doctors, your dentists, and other caregivers. If you are moving out of the area, you want to be sure that you contact your caregivers and your child’s school to get records transferred. This means that you will need to find these caregivers in your new area, but having them in place can take some stress out of it.


One Month Away from Moving Day

It is almost time to move! You are just one month away from moving, so it’s time to get started.


·       Start packing. If you have not started already, it is time to start packing your belongings. At this point, you want to pack those things that you don’t use or that are in your storage areas.


·       Figure out how you are going to label your boxes and do it consistently. Whether you are going to use different colored tape for different rooms, write on the boxes, or make labels using your label maker, now is the time to determine how you are going to do it.


·       Inventory your belongings. This is especially important if you are moving a long way or using a moving company. Make an inventory of what each box includes and the condition of the items.


·       Back up your computer. Now is a good time to back up your computer. Either to a cloud, website, or thumb drive, you want to back up pictures and important files.


Two Weeks Before the Big Day

It’s just two weeks until the big day, so now is the time to get a move on. Be sure that you:


·       Have you received a confirmation call from your movers?  If you have hired a moving company, you should receive a confirmation call ahead of the move to confirm times, etc.


·       Contact utilities. Contact your current utility companies, as well as your new ones, to get everything ready for the move.


·       Keep decluttering. As you pack, get rid of those things that you do not need.


One Week to Go

Your move is just one week away, so it is time to finish up a few things.


·       Finish packing. Pack everything that is not a necessity.


·       Pack a bag. Pack a bag for yourself and your family with at least one change of clothing, pajamas, and other items that you cannot do without, including a phone charger, medications, and more.


A Few Days Till You Move

Now you are most likely feeling the stress. You must keep going down your checklist. A few things you want to remember to do are:


·       Has your moving company confirmed? They should call a few days before the move to confirm times, locations, etc.


·       Donate perishables. If you have perishables in your refrigerator, donate them instead of throwing them away.


·       Pack the last few items, along with a “first to open” box. This “first to open” box is essential, as it has all the items you will need first. Nothing is worse than looking for the box with your sheets at midnight.


The big day is here. Now it is time to say goodbye to your old home and get ready for a new adventure. Move it!


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