Making the Most of the Outdoor Space in your Property


Making the Most of the Outdoor Space in your Property

Whether you have several acres of land as part of your property or simply a back yard, there are plenty of options to use this space to its maximum potential.

Decking/Patio Area

Having a patio area is a great option if you have the space. It does not have to be huge to be somewhere to entertain with a barbecue or even just drinks. Most people go for some paving slabs. If that is for you, ensure they are level and an equal distance apart. Be sure to lay them in the right weather conditions as when the ground is too wet, they can sink somewhat and be uneven posing a risk to anyone walking in the area. If you don’t think you can do this yourself, make sure to consult with covered patio contractors that can help you out. Decking is another great option and can look really attractive. Be sure to clean it regularly and treat it with something to add longevity to its life span. If you live in an apartment, your outside space may comprise a balcony. If that is the case, this can still provide a small area for some form of entertainment. Simply toasting a special occasion overlooking the city on your balcony could be a powerful moment.

A well-chosen table and chairs add a bit of interest to what could be an otherwise bland space. Some people now are opting for a sofa made from old pallets. These can look really fantastic if you have the time to spend on getting them right. It is even possible to buy the seat cushions to go with pallet sofas too. Add a pop of colour with some accessories too. These could be flowers in pots on the table or around on the floor. Alternatively, some well-placed lanterns will spark interest.

Flowers and Plants

You are either green-fingered or you’re not. If you are garden-orientated, that’s great and you’ll no doubt be happy to invest plenty of time in the flowers and plants you choose for your outdoor space. Others find this much more of a chore and would prefer to go for flowers and plants which require little or no time or effort. If the latter sounds like you, hebes are great. They are available in many different varieties, some being more attractive than others. The great thing about choosing a hebe or two is that they are all evergreen, so you will have that injection of colour all year round. What’s more, they are incredibly hardy, so cope well with neglect. Succulents are another fantastic option. They also come in lots of different varieties and do not need much tending to.

As well as planting your flowers and plants in flower beds, consider pots too. Large pots filled with bright colours can look really welcoming at the front of a property. If you are limited for space outdoors, you may wish to consider investing in some window box planters. They can look truly stunning if you choose one to suit the style of your property. Furthermore, they are a great way of injecting a bit of your own personality into the outside of your home.

Light and Dark

A south-facing garden is a sought-after thing for many house buyers. However, it is not the be all and end all. A garden which receives the majority of the sun can actually be an affliction for some people, especially if there is very little within the garden acting as a form of protection. Shelter and shade are key things within a sunny garden especially if you have young children. Fresh air is vitally important, but the risk of damage to your skin and body as a result of too much sun is an important consideration. A few well-chosen trees can really help to protect people against the damage caused by the sun. If you are not blessed with lots of sun, then there are things you can do to make the outdoor space appear brighter. Some people choose to add mirrors to a wall or fence within the garden. If this is something you would like to do, be sure to make it safe. We all know that the sun’s rays can be dangerous. Cutting back overgrown trees and bushes can allow extra light to creep in. Furthermore, colour in the form of plants as well as accessories, such as pots, furniture, lights, can be great. Some people choose to paint their sheds and fences in bold shades in order to inject some extra colour. Purple is very popular at the moment.

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