Make Your Bedroom A Serene Refuge

Make Your Bedroom A Serene Refuge

When you purchase a new home – whether it’s your primary residence or a weekend/holiday getaway, you will probably find the décor of the previous owners isn’t necessarily to your tastes. Your first reaction, therefore, will be to put your own personal stamp on the place. Nowhere is this more important than your bedroom. This room should be your refuge, your haven – the place you go to relax after the stress of the day.


Choosing the right colour scheme

Unlike other rooms in your home, the colour you pick to decorate your bedroom isn’t purely a question of aesthetics. The right colour can play a pivotal role in improving your emotional and physical well-being and ensuring you get a refreshing night’s sleep.

Neutral shades, such as white, beige, grey and white, work well because they are less jarring. If you find them too clinical and cold, you could offset them with an accent wall which is also picked up in your artwork. You could also add a splash of colour by putting a throw or scattering pillows of a brighter shade on the bed or adding a bedside rug.

Pastels, like pinks, mauves and blues, also work well in your sleeping area and give it a soothing and serene ambience. Teamed with dark wood furniture, you can avoid the danger of it resembling a kids’ room.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with vivid colours like reds if that is a reflection of your personality.

When painting your bedroom, think about using a paintsprayer instead of the traditional brush or roller method. Not only can you achieve a professional-looking smoother finish but the job will be done much faster and be less physically demanding. Visit to find out all you need to know about its benefits and what is available on the market.

The importance of lighting

Apart from the bedroom’s colour scheme, the right lighting can be invaluable in helping you to wind down and psychologically prepare yourself for sleep. Ideally, you should have more than one source of light. Brighter overhead lighting is indispensable for general tasks which need light but it should preferably incorporate a dimmer switch.

You should also think about buying a floor or table lamp or add a sconce for softer and/or task-specific lighting at nights. These are great for reading in bed. However, experts recommend that you should avoid working on electronic devices or watching TV in the bedroom as they can keep you awake for longer.

Creating the right ambience

To ensure that your bedroom is the place of relaxation you deserve, try to keep it tidy and above all, de-clutter. Make sure that every piece of furniture is necessary so the room doesn’t seem too overcrowded. Also, make clever use of all storage. If space is an issue, buy a bed with storage underneath or add an Ottoman/chest at the foot of the bed.

Finally, essential oils such as lavender, rose and bergamot, can help to calm you and induce sleep. Their aroma makes your room an appealing place and engages other senses apart from your vision.

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