London’s Quirky Festivals!


England’s capital city of London is a popular with visitors all year round. As the autumn has well and truly arrived and the run up to Christmas slowly begins, we’ve selected a few options that should be at the top of your list to visit.

A day of celebration

November 12th marks a fantastic occasion in London: The Lord Mayor’s Show! The entire day is dedicated to welcoming the new Lord Mayor of London into his post as he swears loyalty to the crown at the Royal Courts.

The day begins at 0830 am with a river pageant where the Lord Mayor boards a boat and the flotilla sails down the river Thames.

At 11am the Lord Mayor then travels by road to from Mansion House to the Royal Courts to take his oath, before returning to Mansion House.

Then, at 1715 there’s a fireworks display to celebrate the new Lord Mayor’s position.

“It’s a procession that is steeped in history after first taking place over 800 years ago,” said West End estate agent LDG. “There’s so much to see as the city hosts a fantastic example of the pomp and ceremony the UK is so well known for.”

A Festival for Winter

A whole host of events and activities are on during the South Bank Centre’s Winter Festival. They range from concerts to circus performances, music and dance workshops to face painting and crafts.

You could take a look on line and book ahead or why not take a walk along the Southbank of the Thames to the Centre and see what’s happening? There are lots of different events, some suitable for families, children or adults, so it’s pretty varied while also remaining inclusive.

“London is an amazing city, but it’s particularly special during the autumn months when more than usual is done to keep visitors busy and entertained,” said Belgravia estate agent Best Gapp. “As it’s a winter festival, not everything is to do with Christmas so a visit won’t immediately start the kids off talking about Father Christmas and presents.”

A Day to Celebrate your Feline Friends

If you enjoy watching cute and funny cat videos on YouTube, then we’ve got the event for you: the inaugural Cat Nip Festival!

Taking place in Elephant & Castle in East London, this interesting sounding day is not only dedicated to cat videos. There’s music, circus performers, arcade games, food and a whole host of entertainment to keep you busy on a chilly November day.

“The organiser’s clearly have a sense of humour – just check out the website if you don’t believe us – so the day should be enjoyable for those who attend,” said Battersea estate agent Eden Harper. “It’s always good to try something new, so if you’re a cat fan, this might be just the thing to get you out and about.”

Less Festival, more Traditional?

If you’re less of a festival fan and more interested in the more traditional aspect of London, you won’t be disappointed with what’s on offer either.

A raft of new, short-run theatre shows will open across the city in November, while music and comedy gigs are on most nights for those of you who enjoy a warm room with a beverage to hand.

Christmas markets on Leicester Square and Covent Garden will also make appearances. Or, if you just enjoy the buzz of a big city, then London has that in spades – no matter what season it is.

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