Keep Your Privacy at Home and Offices with Elegant Looking Frosted Glass


Keep Your Privacy at Home and Offices with Elegant Looking Frosted Glass

Meta Description: Get information on why frosted glass is used in interior design. Learn about how you can improve the privacy of your home using different types of frosted glass.

For several years, glass has been used as decor in homes and offices to add style and elegance. There are different kinds of glass, and frosted glass is among the most elegant. This glass is popular because of its versatility as well as the superior privacy that it offers. Furthermore, frosted glass gives your space a refined aesthetic and comes in a plethora of varying designs and colors.

However, many people don’t know much about frosted glass apart from that it is blurry. Here are some of the reasons why frosted glass is a popular addition to home and office spaces.


Why has frosted glass become widespread in modern interior design?

1. Ease of cleaning

Frosted glass is easier to clean than regular glass. You can easily clean frosted glass by wiping it with a cloth. Apart from being attractive, the textured surface of this glass ensures that the glass is not streaky when wiped, like transparent glass. You can, therefore, save on time because you will not have to spend additional time polishing the glass to get a flawless finish. If you like to keep your space pristine, this is the best glass for you. Therefore, due to the remarkable nature of this glass, you will only need a cleaner and soft cloth to wipe the surface occasionally.


2. Energy efficiency


Another one of frosted glass’ benefits is that the glass is energy-efficient. You may not know that frosted glass helps to maintain an ideal temperature inside your home or office. It can achieve this because the glass filters the incoming sunlight during the day, thus preventing your space from overheating. Similarly, frosted glass keeps the cold out during the night. Because of these energy-saving properties, you will be able to conserve more energy, thus saving money every month when you pay your energy bills.


3. Enhanced security 


Frosted glass is made out of more durable material than clear glass, which makes it harder to break. This extra durability because it increases your space’s security. This type of glass is resistant to adverse weather conditions, making it more resistant to storms and severe winters.


4. Improved privacy


Frosted glass is blurry; therefore, it promotes your privacy. Many people use this kind of glass in their commercial spaces, bathrooms, and other places where privacy is crucial. You could, therefore, go with this glass if you want your privacy as well as natural light transmission. Anyone who tries to look into your space will only see blended colors and vague shapes. Higher levels of frosting will make anything in your space completely unrecognizable from the other side of the glass.


Where is Frosted Glass Ideally Being Used?

1. Attics


Your attic is a space where you can rest in solitude with your thoughts. Most of the time, attics have towering windows that allow for the utmost inflow of sunlight. Solitude, however, doesn’t go well with direct sunlight, and that is why a dimmer setting is more appropriate. Therefore, you could use frosted windows to keep the excess sunlight out of your attic.


2. Bedrooms


Your bedrooms are supposed to be a place where you can rest after a tiresome day. For you to get the most out of your room, it should have an attractive aesthetic and calm aura. Using frosted glass for your bedroom windows will make your room a beautiful personal space.


3. Offices


While at your office, you need some level of privacy to focus and work efficiently. Frosted glass can be used to partition the office space, therefore, ensuring that you have the right environment to thrive as well as communicate with your workmates. The office will also look elegant, and employees will not feel claustrophobic because there will be a natural flow of light and air.


4. Bathrooms


When you use frosted glass for your bathroom, you will enjoy adequate light while still blocking out any view from outside. You don’t have to use frosted glass just on your windows; you can extend this using it for the shower screens or bathroom doors. Moreover, this glass is non-corrosive, which means that it will remain mold-free for a long period. Frosted glass will give your room a modern contemporary feel.


Types of Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is decorative and functional, and it covers a variety of techniques and styles. Different types of frosted glass suit various needs. Here are some of the types.


1. Acid-etched glass: smooth and satiny texture with different design versatility


This type of frosted glass is among the oldest ones. It is created by heating Fluorite then applying it to the glass, which has similar results as using hydrochloric acid. Both sides of the glass are applied with acid, melting it to the desired frosted look. The acid-etched glass had a smooth and satiny texture. This type of glass offers different opacity-levels. Therefore, it can be molded into various designs.


2. Sandblasted glass: less susceptible to peels and chips


This kind of frosted glass is created when you blast flat glass with sand at high pressure. Other abrasive materials can also be used. Sandblasted glass is made using different gradients and opacities. It is resilient, which makes it less susceptible to peels and chips.


3. Translucent interlayer lamination glass: offers versatile color and opacity


The popularity of this type of frosted glass grew in the ‘50s, where it was availed in different colors. This glass holds together when shattered because the interlaid EVA and PVB are placed between layers of glass. It bonds to the glass when subjected to pressure and heat, therefore, forming extra transparent protection. This frosted glass is among those offering the most ranges of colors and opacity.


Frosted glass can turn your space into an elegant, functional one. Use it in your home or office; you will be impressed by the results. Interested to order your favorite frosted glass? Fab Glass and Mirror is the best glass and mirrors manufacturer and distributor in USA. You will get your order right at your doorstep with free shipping nationwide.


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