John Medina Buys Los Angeles Houses: How Paying Cash Helps Home Owners


John Medina Buys Los Angeles Houses: How Paying Cash Helps Home Owners


For homeowners who are looking to sell their homes, they know that they’re in for a big challenge.


It’s not easy and effortless to sell a house. There are many technicalities involved, and in some cases, it’s going to take time. While this may not be a problem for others, there are those selling their homes that are pressured by time.


In these cases, companies that buy houses in exchange for cash works can be really beneficial. As its name suggests, these companies, such as John Medina Buys Houses – Los Angeles Cash Home Buyer, buy houses – in its current state – in exchange for cash. Thus, there’s no need to renovate or make your house more appealing to attract potential buyers; you can immediately sell your house as it is.


For homeowners, this means enjoying benefits like the following:


1.         More Likely To Close A Sale Fast


When homeowners sell to companies that buy houses for cash, a sale is most likely going to close fast. This is because there are fewer legalities involved, other than the usual sale process. Mainly because the buyer doesn’t need to take out a loan to purchase the house, the transaction is direct between the seller and the buyer. This results in a higher chance of closing the sale faster.


Here are some of the processes that homeowners no longer have to go through when selling for cash through an LA and California cash homebuyer, for instance:


      ●      Since the buyer no longer needs to take out a loan to purchase the property, there’s no need to deal with lending companies. This means that both parties can skip out on long processes like the appraisal.


      ●      No need to go through the scrutiny of the buyer’s financial ability to pay. When transacting with these companies, right there and then, they pay the seller-homeowner cash upfront.


2.         Homeowner Keeps All The Money From The Sale


Selling your house for cash results in lower cash value. But, the advantage is that the homeowner also gets keep all the cash earned. When you sell your home to we buy houses company, you’re selling to the company directly. This means that all the fees associated with the closing of the sale are bypassed.


Additionally, the buyer-homeowner won’t have to pay for the realtor’s fees. As a result, once a sale is closed, you get to keep all the money that you’re offered.



3.         Take Lesser Time To Complete The Sale


Generally, a sale takes anywhere from between a month to six months. Buyers, for instance, need to go through the thirty to forty-five days for their loan to get approved. Then, there’s the week allocated to inspection and other contingencies. If the seller-homeowner is in a rush, this timeframe can seem too long.


If this is the case, selling to a we-buy-houses company is the best recourse. As long as the legalities are already complied with, the sale is already closed. This can be completed in as little as a few days to a week.


4.         No Need To Undergo Repairs


Another advantage to homeowners when they sell to we-buy-houses companies is that they don’t have to undergo repairs. In selling the conventional way, such as through listings and realtors, this is a step that cannot be skipped. Repairs are necessary before the house is put out in the market. Else, buyers are going to walk away from it.


With a we-buy-houses company, the homeowner no longer needs to undergo any repairs. As mentioned earlier, they can sell their homes in the current state that it’s in.


We-buy-houses companies take the house as it is since they’ll be the ones that deal with the repairs themselves. These companies don’t worry so much about the aesthetics of your home. What they’re more concerned about is the value of the house.


5.         The Process Is Simpler


Undeniably, the process of selling a house through a we-buy-houses company turns out to be simpler. When there are only two parties involved, this means that the entire process is simpler.


In essence, it’s going to be a direct agreement between the seller and the buyer. Once the deed of sale is ready, the transfer of the title can be faster. There’s no need to go through appraisals, loans, and whatnot.




As a homeowner, selling your house fast and directly in exchange for cash is one of the best solutions for you to go through, especially when you’re in a rush to sell your home. It’s one of the most stress-free ways to sell your house, in what could’ve been initially a tedious and challenging ordeal.


If this floats your boat, then you might want to start the search for we buy houses company today.

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