Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal



1. Go for a Walk Outdoors


While you might check your mailbox each day, it’s likely that you don’t spend much time viewing the outside of your home. Because of this, there are probably a lot of minor but important details you don’t notice. What does your landscaping look like? What kind of condition is your lawn in? Is there ample lighting around your home’s walkways? Before you list your home, you’ll want to spend some time inspecting it from the outside. You should make note of all the things that will need to be repaired.


Don’t just look at your home up close; examine it from the other side of the street as well. You’ll want to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. If there is anything that’s detracting from your home’s curb appeal you’ll want to take care of it. Pull weeds, clear away debris, and ensure that you’re making a positive first impression.


2. Consider a Fresh Coat of Paint


Are you looking for an effective way to increase your home’s curb appeal? If so, painting might do the trick. It can be helpful to select a shade of paint that will help your home to stand out from the other properties on the block. However, you’ll want to make sure you abide by any Homeowners’ Association restrictions. You should paint the door, trim, and shutters in a contrasting color. This will really make your home stand out.


While painting can take up a lot of time, it usually isn’t costly. You can purchase paint for around $25 a gallon.


3. Add a Tree


Part of enhancing your home’s curb appeal is making it feel like a welcoming space. A wonderful way to do that is by planting a tree in your front yard.


If you have enough room, you can even plant more than one tree. Trees can be costly, but there are also affordable options. You may be able to purchase trees for as little as $50. Furthermore, the process shouldn’t take more than a few hours.


4. Install Flower Boxes


When you add a pop of color to your home’s exterior, you can make it more visually appealing. An easy way to do this is by installing flower boxes around your front porch or below your home’s windows. In most cases, flower boxes are fairly inexpensive. You will need to buy the soil and the flowers in addition to the box. Make sure you give the flowers the care that you need so that your property will continue to look great.


5. Keep Walkways, Sidewalks, and Other Hardscape Areas Neat and Tidy


When people work to improve a property’s curb appeal, they often focus their attention on the landscaping, also known as the home’s softscape. However, the hardscape should be considered as well. Pressure washing is an excellent way to clean concrete driveways and walkways. If you have any paving or bricks, you’ll want to make sure they’re secure. Make sure that people can safely walk to your home’s entrance.


5. Get Advice at the Home Improvement Store


Working to improve your home’s exterior can be overwhelming. You’ll have to pick plants with the right look, but you’ll also want to find options that will thrive in your yard. If you visit the nursery at your local home improvement store, you should be able to get some valuable advice.


Although you also have the option of hiring professional landscaping services, you’ll save a lot of money if you do everything yourself. You shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help with things like plant selection, fertilization, and tips on putting down gravel or mulch. Your local home improvement store can be a fantastic resource, and you should take full advantage of that.


7. Ensure Your Home’s Exterior Is Properly Lit


If you want to improve your curb appeal and give your home an updated look at the same time, why not install new lighting? You should take both style and function into account when selecting fixtures for your home. Ensure that your entryway has plenty of lighting. If you want to make the installation process easier, wall-mounted fixtures are your best bet. Pick something that is similar to the fixtures you already have.


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