How to Write A Successful Real Estate Agent Resume


A real estate agent’s job is similar to that of a freelancer. Estate agents are free to pursue the work that they please as long as they bring profits into the company. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have responsibilities and never apply for jobs. To be the best on the market as a realtor, you’ll want to market yourself accordingly – and there is no better way to do it than by sending in the right real estate resume. Let me put it another way – to become successful as a real estate agent, you must have a bomb resume! So, let’s get to work. Today’s article focuses on how to write a successful resume that’ll get you up on the scale.

Polishing your headline

Your headline is the first thing that your broker will notice, before any professional or educational experience. So, these questions will help you come up with the strongest real estate headline:

  §   Who are you?

  §   What do you do?

  §    What is your ultimate goal and why should a broker pick you?

  §    Why would you be their greatest addition?

  §    What is your personal brand?

  §    How do you differentiate yourself from other realtors?

You don’t have to brag to be successful – but you clearly want to catch the recruiter’s eye. This is where your unique, individual brand should come in. By answering the questions above you will be able to determine who you are and what you do best. From there, what follows is your identity; this sets the tone to what the broker will carry with them while reading your resume. If your headline (and therefore brand) is not appealing, you won’t stand a chance against your competitors.

In a nutshell: determine what you want, how bad you want it, and understand your qualities while marketing them accordingly.

Showing strong self-motivation is a must

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, a realtor’s job is quite similar to a freelancer’s. To put it in other words, real estate agents are freelancers with a contract. Thus, self-motivation is the key to a successful realtor career. Any recruiter’s ideal prospective is someone who knows where he or she stands and is able to support him or herself on their own. A broker doesn’t want to babysit you (and neither should you). They want results and numbers; so, this is exactly what you should add to your resume. However, these numbers should be combined with a demonstrated ability for self-success.

If you are submitting a realtor resume that incorporates your success rate while demonstrating the ability to perform, you will be more than fine. You should also make sure that your resume includes an ability to understand the markets that you’ve previously worked in. If you are quite new to this world, you want to emphasize all of your past experiences that demonstrate your self-motivated success. Start by thinking about what you accomplished in college or real estate school that turned you into the person that you are today. Self-motivation and willpower are two good enough reasons for bringing a newbie into the office.

Laying out your accomplishments instead of had-to’s

Focusing on your accomplishments is another key point to success. A broker will want to know what you achieved and how long it took you rather than what you did in each market you’ve explored. Thus, before starting your real estate agent resume, list all of your successful outcomes. What are some of your best realtor projects and why are they the best? In what ways did you stand out? What strategies did you use and how did you achieve your goals? What were your goals? What are the numbers associated with those goals? If you are having trouble writing an accurate one, you can always order your research paper here to ensure that you are bound for success. You must consider all these questions to ensure that you are sending in the best resume possible.

Emphasizing what you do best

No real estate agent is an expert at everything – you must have an area in which you excel. If you try to prove your broker the opposite, you’ll have little to no success at winning that position. So, list the areas in which you excel, and write the reasons for which you shine. This should be part your personal brand, part your imagination if you are new to the market. Include the strategies you’ve used in each of the scenarios given and underline how you were willing to identify the right sellers. Be mindful of the words you use – you’ll want more active verbs and less passive dialect. If you’re a newbie, identify your reasons for wanting to learn and show passion.


Writing a resume as a realtor can get tricky, especially if this is the first time you’re trying to. In any case, don’t give up! Come up with a personal brand, focus on your qualities and strategies used, and underline your accomplishments. Also, ensure that your self-motivation stands out. Good luck!

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Sandra Larson is an entrepreneur and an active writer. Her goal is to achieve financial freedom by 2025. Sandra’s main interests are blogging and hiking.

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