How To Sell A House In Virginia Beach Without Doing Any Renovations



Most times, it is better to improve your house before trying to sell it. After all, you’d want to impress your potential buyers. However, sometimes, you just want to sell a house without doing any renovations due to reasons like time limitation or financial constraints.


In such cases, you may wonder if you’ll be able to sell the property fast and at a fair price. To answer your concerns, yes, you can, with the right information.


Here are some practical tips to help you get started:


     1.     Sell To The Right Buyers


To sell your house that needs improvement, you need to understand that it might not appeal to stand-alone people that want to move in as soon as possible.


A property that needs improvement will be more appealing to investors, developers, deal hunters, and the likes. This is because they understand the gains associated with buying your Virginia Beach house, for instance. Thus, you will get your house sold faster, without doing any renovations, by focusing on these entities.


You can reach out directly to home buyers, like Avante Home Buyers, to get your home sold fast and at a reasonable price. With them, you can skip the tiring processes associated with listing your house for sale.


When you sell to home buyers and investors, they might consider reselling after renovating it, or they convert/remodel as investment options.


     2.     Set The Right Price


The first thing to know when selling a house that needs renovations is that the house’s value would not be as high as improved houses. This means that you cannot sell it at a ridiculously high price.


First, find out the estimated value of your house as it is so you can set an appropriate selling price. By setting a realistic price, you increase your chances of getting fast buyers. On the other hand, setting a ridiculously high price for your house that needs improvement can scare away buyers.


     3.     Make Minor Repairs


Even if you do not want to make high-priced renovations to your home before selling it, you can still make minor repairs to it. This would increase its appeal and value to potential buyers. Fixing cracked walls, creaking doors, leaky faucets, and the likes will not cost you much, yet they can increase your home’s value to a certain extent.


This is why you should carry out minor repairs to make your home much more valuable. Besides, doing this can help you sell your house faster. Check your house for things that might need fixing and make a list for the minor renovations you can do without breaking the bank. 


Although this isn’t necessary, you can also try to repaint your house if the painting has started peeling; irregular painting due to peelings is a turnoff to most potential buyers. However, you can skip this part, if you’re not up to it. At best, repainting the house will help you attract buyers.


     4.     Cleanup The House


A clean and organized house looks way better than a dirty one. Meanwhile, a messy and shabby-looking house can detract buyers from your home’s beauty, making it less appealing.


Even though you aren’t renovating, you should consider doing a thorough cleaning of the house to sell it fast. You can either hire professional cleaners or do it yourself.


Start by decluttering your interior and exterior. This is because a house filled with unnecessary personal items can make a potential buyer lose interest. Leave only essential things that can increase the property’s curb appeal.


You should also clean the surroundings thoroughly. Remember to mow your lawn and trim your garden if you have those. Don’t forget to try to free up your storage space. This is because most buyers are inclined towards large storage spaces; it is most likely one of the features they will check out in a potential home.


     5.     Showcase The House’s Best Features


If you are selling your house through listing platforms, marketing your property’s best features is essential.


Even though your house needs improvement, you can still make it more appealing by showcasing its significant features. If your Virginia Beach home has fascinating features, like swimming pool, courtyard, garden, ample storage space, treehouse, fence, etc. don’t forget to showcase them. If possible, add videos and pictures.


These features are what people are looking for, and this means that your home will sell faster at a higher value. You can also highlight attractive neighborhood or township accompaniments, such as top schools, parks, recreational centers, neighborhood security, etc. This will appeal to both families as well as single people.




Selling a house that needs improvement in Virginia Beach is not as difficult as it looks. By following the steps above, you can get your home sold at a reasonable price in no time.


Consider selling your house to home investors and buyers to avoid the regular stress associated with selling houses. It’s a choice you’d be glad you made.

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