How to Organize a Home Renovation Project Entirely Online


How to Organize a Home Renovation Project Entirely Online

It’s easy these days to plan and execute a home renovation project from the comfort of your own home. There is so much to be aware of and if you don’t have to go round countless businesses and offices then all the better. Here we will look at how the internet has allowed a much more streamlined process to make everything go as smoothly as possible.


You will no doubt need supplies, aggregates, slabs, paint but whatever it is you can get it online these days, even in large industrial orders. Until relatively recently you would have to go to a builders merchants to order larger amounts of these and the prices were never that clear and it always seemed quite an intimidating place to go. But now you can buy these things online easily.

Building Permits

It was always a pain having to do a whole load of paperwork which could be very complicated and needed to be brought down to the correct office to be approved by a local authority bureaucrat. But now there is a national portal where you can submit planning applications for any of the local councils in the entire country. Document upload is easy and you will be able to track your applications and see their progress.

Equipment Hire

What if you need extra equipment? This could be anything from a drill to a trailer or even a digger! You would need to find a hire center and arrange for this to be done. But these days you can simply book it online and there is an easily searchable site that has everything you could possibly think of to hire. You can arrange to pick it up or have it delivered to wherever you need it.

Hire a Skip

There will always be some waste when doing any large project and this makes it unrealistic that you will be able to fit all the waste in your domestic bins, so a skip will need to be hired. You can hire a skip anywhere in the country through this website and it will take care of everything in most cases, including arranging any permits that are required. There are rare occasions where you, as the customer, have to organise their own permit, but the website makes this clear if and when it’s the case.

Builders & Other Tradespeople

Hiring a builder or tradesperson can be a real difficult issue to get your head around. It is essential to do your research thoroughly and especially look at getting references from previous and current customers to see not only the standard of their work but also how they were to deal with. There are plenty of ways of doing this online these days and you can use a website that allows you to search tradespeople and read reviews online. Getting the best professional can make or break a job as sub-standard work or delays can be a killer.


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