How To Keep An Apartment Cool In The Summer


How To Keep An Apartment Cool In The Summer

Keeping a house cool in the summer can be a hassle and tussle, more so for those living in apartments. After a long walk through winter and spring, it is time to appreciate the warmth of summer only until the temperatures start rising and make it unbearable to spend time in the apartment. Most people will turn to the fan and that could mean an increased electricity cost that can increase your overall expenses. If your budget is tight, you can consider other ways to keep your apartment cool especially for people who do not have air conditioning systems.

You can keep your apartment cool during summer without breaking your bank. Here are a couple of simple strategies you can consider to keep your apartment cool this summer. They are within budget and easy to implement.

1.               Replace Cotton With Linen

After a wonderful job during the winter, you can give your cotton beddings a break. Cotton beddings are heavy with compact materials that retain heat within them, which makes them only good for cold seasons. Worse, the heat retained within beddings can also contribute to the overall heat of your apartment.

Acquire light lined sheets that are known for the porousness and breathiness properties. As you sleep, the sheets will let hot air away, assuring you of cool sleeping moments. You can also consider other special sheets which although they are made of cotton, they have special designs that keep your body warm.

2.               Acquire Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

Don’t be fooled by the notion that the bigger the air conditioner, the better the cooling, as that will only translate to wasted energy. Instead, assess your needs and identify the air conditioner that best suits them. An ideal air conditioner should be energy-efficient and still fulfill the basic functions of bringing coolness and reducing the saturation of humidity in the air.

Energy-efficient air conditioners reduce the amount of energy used in cooling the home, reducing the overall financial implication on the cost of energy bills. It’s worth noting that the ability to implement measures to cut down costs of living is also one of the qualities to look for when looking for a suitable apartment.

Some modern energy-efficient air conditioners come with programmable thermostats, giving you ultimate control over the temperature in your home. Some also have integration with smartphone applications which allows you to regulate the air conditioner even before you get to your apartment.

If you would prefer taking a break from air conditioners, you can find alternative tips in this link: How To Keep An Apartment Cool Without Air Conditioning: Bigos

3.               Invite Nature Into Your Apartment

Selectively go for a type of flora with properties to cool the air in their surroundings and use them to decorate your indoors. Certain plants like aloe vera and ferns release moisture into the hot air in your apartment during the transpiration process, bringing a cooling effect by lowering temperature levels. Natural humidifiers like areca palm trees can also make the quality of air better in addition to their amazing cooling effect.

4.               Keep Off The Day Breeze And Utilize Evening Breeze

The urge to keep doors and windows open during the day can sound like a good option. However, think about this; the air outside your apartment is likely to be hotter, and by you keeping the doors and the windows open then you are paving way for the air to flow into your apartment which then makes it hotter. Humidity from the atmosphere can also flow into your apartment and worsen the situation. This is why it is commendable to keep your apartment shut during the day.

Also, during nighttime, you can utilize the night breeze by opening your windows to let the cool evening air freshen up your apartment. For example, opening the shades at your apartment can help scale-up the cooling effect. The shades minimize the heat transfer across windows to keep the house cool in summer.

5.               Avoid Unnecessary Use Of Appliances During the Day

Since most household appliances emit a lot of heat, running them during the day can only make the situation worse.  The heat emitted from appliances running during the day makes the air hotter increasing temperatures in the apartment. For example, items like iron boxes and electric kettles can heat up your apartment and make the heat intolerable. This is why it is best to preserve your appliances for the night. Unless it is very necessary, you should only always run your appliances during the night and very early in the morning.

Even if you stay within the house during the day, switch off electronics when nobody is using them. Unplug them because when you leave them plugged in, they may still consume energy and emit heat into the air.

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Keeping your apartment cool in the summer will give you an opportunity to enjoy this season. Check on your appliance-handling skills, try keeping them off during the day and on during the night. Getting some natural plants that can live indoors can release moisture to cool down the hot air in the apartment. Embrace the night breeze instead of keeping your doors and windows open during the day. Acquire energy-efficient air conditioners and use light beddings.


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