Selling your house is never an easy task and there are a lot of things you need to consider when making that decision. A lot of factors can affect the value of your house – how big it is, how many bathrooms it has, if it has an outside space, and so on… There is a lot that you can do to increase your home value and one of the ways is making sure your house is pest-free. Not a single person would willingly move into a house with a rodent infestation or bug problem, and very often people decide to do a professional pest inspection before closing the deal on the house. The viewing may not be enough to see the animals’ presence, so professional pest controllers are called in to inspect the whole house and the area – and trust us, not a single insect will be able to hide from them!

Actions you can take

Depending on the scale of infestation and how long the problem has been going on, there are some steps you can take to get rid of pests, make sure they won’t be back, and therefore increase your home value. Firstly, you need to identify the problem – what kind of animals are you dealing with? Your actions will be different when trying to fix squirrel damage or raccoon damage, and different when trying to get rid of insects.

       ●       Eliminate entry points – if you notice a pests’ presence in your house (probably attic or basement area), you want to make sure to identify entry points and seal them properly so that the animals can’t come inside.

      ●       When dealing with damage created when rats, mice, or squirrels chew, you need to be prepared to repair or replace many wooden structures, wires, and building materials – rodents tend to gnaw on all those things and that often leads to complete replacement of materials.

       ●       When dealing with insect infestations you may want to do some research and consider using home-made remedies, like cinnamon spice that can help with getting rid of ants. This way, you avoid using poisonous chemicals that may be a threat to your health or to the environment.

       ●       Always keep your outside area tidy – don’t leave leftover food or your pets’ food outside as that may lead wild animals to your house. Also, remember to trim bushes and trees, so that pests won’t be able to climb them and reach your attic.

       ●       Remember to keep your garbage area clean – make sure you get rid of waste on a regular basis and that the trash cans are sealed properly. A messy waste area can lead to a lot of damage raccoons cause, or the rise of rodents’ activity.

Pest inspection

A pest inspection is not a required action when selling your house, but it is often requested by potential buyers who want to make sure they are investing in a safe home. As a seller, you can decide on pest control before putting your house on sale – this can give you peace of mind and save a lot of trouble in the future! However, be sure that when you are searching “pest control near me,” you aren’t just picking the first one. It would be best to do a little research to make sure the companies you are considering ensure quality work and will do an in-depth inspection. Once the pest inspection is done, you are required to show the results to a potential buyer and if there are any problems, you will need to fix them. Moreover, a pest inspection will help you with identifying the problem and dealing with it in a professional manner, which in the end will only help you with increasing the value of your house and eventually selling it.

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