How to have the best Christmas in the middle of a house move


How to have the best Christmas in the middle of a house move


Christmas can be a busy and stressful time, even more so if you are a couple  in the process of moving house. We understand that you’d want to create a joyous atmosphere in your new home during Christmas, while at the same time giving priority to settling in. This is why we have created a guide that goes through some handy tips for moving in during the Christmas period, as well as some ‘quick-fix’ Christmas decorations that you could use in your new home. Read on!


Get organised with your boxes


If you are a first-time buyer about to move into their new home during the Christmas period, remember that organisation is key. From your living room furnishings, your kitchen utensils and to the actual Christmas decorations themselves, make sure that everything is in the right box and that every box is correctly labelled. Doing this will save you and your other half a whole lot of stress when unpacking. As well as this, you’ll find that by doing this, you’ll have more time to settle into your new home and do up the decorations!


Get help from your friends and families


The Christmas season is all about being surrounded by your loved ones, so why not get them to help out with the move? It is the season of giving and being there for one another, anyway! You can even ask for their suggestions on how to decorate your new home for the festive period. Also, having the help and getting things done a lot quicker would mean that you would have more of a chance to relax during Christmas.


Can’t go heavy with the decorations? No problem


We appreciate that when you move in, priorities have to be set for making your house a home with the furnishings that you already have. Therefore, when your move collides with the Christmas period, going heavy with the decorations might have to wait until next year. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have any decorations at all.

Jazz up vases and candle jars


The secret to ‘quick-fix’ Christmas decorations is to make use of the furnishings that you already have. Have you got any empty vases or candle jars lying around? Why not decorate them with jazzy ornaments, holly leaves or maybe even some cranberries?


Stick to a Christmas colour scheme


When it comes to a colour scheme, focus on red, green, white and gold – the colours of Christmas! So, when you are decorating your home for the festive period, try your best to incorporate these colours into your home wherever possible. You could, for example, use tinsel, baubles or even blankets. It’s really the smallest things that make the biggest difference, so get creative!


Repurpose boxes


We know that the move-in process comes with a lot of boxes. Therefore, when it comes to decorating your new house for Christmas, don’t let these go to waste! Why not make your own makeshift Santa or Snowman with these boxes? All you need is paint, a paintbrush, maybe some scissors, and you’re good to go!


And there you have it! Your guide on how to have the best possible Christmas in the middle of a house move. Christmas doesn’t always have to be about the big extravagant decorations, and we hope that we have made this clear to you and your partner who will be moving into their new home during the festive period. The trick is to take it easy, be organised, and just know that it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

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