How to find the most cost effective storage units in Auckland New Zealand


Got some stuff you need to store? Looking for short term storage facilities at a great price? Or maybe long term storage locally that is pocket-friendly.

Prices for storage facilities vary hugely, depending on a number of factors. So why do they vary so much, and how can you find cheap storage units?

Head out of town

If a storage facility is located in an area like the CBD or a popular suburb, it is going to be more expensive. That’s because land is more expensive, but also often because people in that area can afford to pay more. So, step away from Mt Eden or Grey Lynn and find storage units in Onehunga or other more budget-friendly locations. You’ll also find cheap storage in West Auckland, Mangere and other out-of-the-way locations.

Don’t get all the bells and whistles

There are some storage units which offer extra functionality which you may not need. This isn’t needed if you’re storing furniture and household items or a car or boat that you’re not too worried about.

Some facilities offer high-level security, such as 24/7 security guards. Ask yourself; is that really required for the Datsun, two beds and a couch? CCTV and security-card access should be enough to keep most unwanted people out.

Don’t get locked into a long term commitment

If you only need a month or two, don’t get locked into a long term commitment. It will end up costing you way more than you need. Or maybe you think you’ll need a full year but realise it’s only going to be six months. How easy is it to break your contract? Are you even allowed to? A month-by-month rental may seem a few dollars more expensive each month but may end up saving you a lot in the long run.

You can bargain

A new facility, one that’s quite empty, or one that’s in an undesirable part of town might be happy to bargain. It’s up to the business, but some may be willing to have a unit occupied at a lower rate rather than sit empty. Don’t be aggressive when asking, often a polite question will yield a favourable response. And the worst they can say is no, or maybe offer you an awkwardly-placed corner unit for cheap.

Choose a smaller unit

This isn’t rocket science; a smaller unit is more cost effective. Take some time to only put things into storage that you know you want to keep. That broken sofa from your flatting days with the beer stains—not so much. Also think about how you pack the unit for maximum storage space. Heavy things, like boxes of books, at the bottom, lightest at top. Beds should be stored on the sides, against the walls.

Choose low cost storage units

Unless you have lots of money to spend on a long or short term storage unit, be smart with how you approach it. For storage units in West Auckland or storage in Onehunga, there are lots of cost effective options without any long term contracts, so get your Googling fingers ready to find a bargain.

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