How to Deter Birds Away from TV Aerial Satellites


Birds are lovely animals but they can be a headache if you have installed the TV aerial satellite in your home. Birds love to make their nest on the antennas and TV aerials, that can cause the problem for you. The nest of the bird can interrupt the signals issues. In this article I will guide you how you can keep or deter away the birds from the TV aerial satellites.


1. Install Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are the quickest and easiest way to keep the birds aways from the aerial satellite. It limits the birds from settling on the roof of the satellite. During the tv aerial installation you can also install it. It is not expensive , so you can afford it. These are the kind of spikes those can directly connect to your roof and then your aerial. I will recommend you to install it with cable ties, so that it will make it more difficult for the birds to sit on the TV aerials.


2. Bird Hawk Kites

For the last few years bird hawk kites have been becoming very popular. Especially the car showroom owners mostly love to use this for their showrooms just to save the shiny cars from the bird’s droppings. It is the kind of the kite which is connected to the building, which moves around the building and preys on the birds like the hawk as you can see in the name. So during the tv aerial installation you can install it it will be enough for the birds like seagulls.


3. Birds Statue

One more famous method to keep the birds away from the tv aerial satellite. It will keep the birds like hawk and owl from your antennas or tv aerial installation. This method has the most success rate in the market. Birds are frightened of the statues so they don’t dare to come near to the antennas or tv aerial.

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