How to Declutter Your Master Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps


How to Declutter Your Master Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps


One of the most amazing ways I have found effective in dealing with stress in my life is decluttering a room, particularly the bedroom. Trust me; it works like magic. Why? It makes your mind busy, hence able to forget stressful stuff easily. Try it!

Plus, if you don’t make the master bedroom organized, you won’t enjoy a quiet moment in-there. Dealing with stuff everywhere, even on the bed and floor, means you will not have rest.

Actually, Julie Bertram from The Organizing Pro says that your bedroom should be a place where you experience calmness to boost sleep for sufficient rest.

Thus, the need to declutter your master bedroom. Here are 5 easy steps from InstaMaids, house cleaning to go about it.


Sort Everything

The first step should be sorting everything. Sorting helps you to get rid of anything that is not of use in the master bedroom. You could take it to another room, especially if you only use it twice a year. While sorting stuff, you might decide to donate anything that you no longer use to the less fortunate in society.

However, you may retain anything that you are not using in the master bedroom if it is meant to make the room stylish or makes the room smell fresh.


Reorganize the Closets and Drawers

Drawers can be hiding places for insects if you never open or clean them regularly. So, pull them and remove everything in-there. If it requires wiping, go ahead and do that. To save your time when looking for stuff, decide what things should go to which drawer.

In other words, let every drawer has its purpose. It helps to easily trace whatever you are looking for, especially when you are in a rush.

Do the same to the closet.


Change the Curtains

One of the things that people forget to change often is the curtains. It is dangerous because they can accumulate dust over time; thus, cause illness.

Avoid this by removing the old curtains and use clean ones. It would be good if you slightly match the colors with that of your beddings, carpet, or wall. Harmonizing colors increase the beauty and make you feel calm and at peace while you are resting in the bedroom.


Make the bed

When is the last time you changed the beddings? Well, when decluttering, change the beddings, everything including the bed sheets, bed cover, and throw pillow covers. Make sure that the bed cover or the duvet is covering the bed properly without touching the floor.

You might want to make a fold near the head of the bed to make your bed look professionally made.


Thoroughly clean Your Bedroom

Finally, clean the room thoroughly. This includes the mirror, the picture frames, the windows, and flat surfaces. Do not forget to clean under the bed. You could use a mob to reach the far ends. Using soapy water helps eliminate dust in the room and leaves fresh air.

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