How to Create a Million Dollar Home


Real estate is one of the top ways of making a fortune. Luxurious homes can fetch huge sums of money if they delight the right buyers. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, digital artists, movie stars, and other high net worth individuals can buy these valuable homes.

This, therefore, is a special market or niche that smart businessmen and homeowners can tap into. To command such a high price, such homes must offer exceptional benefits like strategic location, proximity to natural attractions, and some unique internal features.

How can you improve a home to attract such high prices or create a million-dollar feeling?

Here are some suggestions that improve the value of a home to command a million-dollar list price.

     1.      Think Long-term

Properties acquire value over time. This is because demand rises based on population and other factors. The changed policies of companies—especially tech companies—requiring staff to work from home, can lead to a monumental change in the value of some homes. This can make people move from congested urban areas to rural areas creating spiral demand for luxurious homes.

You can also build a home in the upcountry with the land that has other natural aspects like rivers and scenic beauty. This kind of property can be worth a million dollars in a few years as more work becomes remote.

     2.      Landscaping and Outdoor Creativity

The outdoor space is one area that people love in a home. An area with ample greens to enjoy during summer or have a drink in the evening with friends is a great addition.

Below are some ideas on areas that can inspire you: –

     ·     Waterfall/Spring– With ideas from a landscape professional, this can create a serene feeling at home. Creating a quality artificial water spring with extras like ornamental fish impacts the value of the property significantly.

     ·     Artificial waterway in the backyard– If the home does not have a river frontage, creating an artificial illusion can help improve it. Using a contractor and other designers, a glass floor can be created to cover pathways over the waterway. On the other hand, a small pond can be used to enhance the natural feel of the home.

     ·      Landscaping and green areas improve the value of a home immensely. By applying your creativity and taking the help of consultants, you can turn a plain Jane home into a luxurious one.

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     3.      Entertainment Lounge

People love captivating homes. A lounge with a theatre experience can significantly improve the value of a home. This can be made possible by adding a spare room. Installing quality sofa sets, and good sound and video system capped with theatre lighting can transform the space into a marvel. The value can be improved by ensuring that you buy unique items with signature styles.

     4.     Installing Modern structural designs

Structural designs that mirror current trends and other celebrity homes can turn a home into a million-dollar investment.

Below are some suggestions that can be made to tap the potential value: –

     ·     Adding a rooftop pool– If your home has a space that can accommodate a rooftop pool, this can prove to be a turning point. This can also be complemented by a prestigious rooftop balcony.

     ·     Underground parking and wineries– To maximize space and improve the value of a property, these two can be incorporated. This can turn a relatively small home into a marvelous piece of art.

     ·     Versatile staircases – Instead of having plain staircases, create something special. Some homes use this as bookshelves, others as convertible play areas, and so on. To improve the visual appeal, unique rocks and quality timber can be used.

     ·     Inbuilt Spas– You can turn your bathroom into a haven for relaxation. Use natural materials like rocks, timber, and other natural pieces to improve the serenity of the bathroom. A heating system in the bathroom can complement this idea further.


     5.      Kitchen and Interiors

If you’re at the building stage, kitchen design can make all the difference. Reserving ample space, being creative in your storage areas, and inspiring designs can help lift its value. Women base a greater part of their decision to buy a home on the kitchen design and appeal.

Similarly, magnificent interiors play a critical role in changing the value of a home. This can be lifted by installing heating systems, great air conditioning systems, glass decorated floors, and latest wall designs. You can also improve the house by adding accessories such as paintings and other drawings.


Is it Possible to Create a Million Dollar Home?

Yes! Though it’s a long and resource-draining exercise, this is possible. The thing that people like to have in luxurious homes is uniqueness. Green areas and open space in your home are some of the options you can think of to display your creativity.

Drawing inspiration from nature, existing luxurious homes, and online research can help you create that dream house. Follow the tips above to create your million-dollar home.

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