How sellers can add value to their property

If you’re getting ready to sell a house, or improving it with a view to adding value, you’ll be thinking in terms of how much money you could get for it, but did you know that by investing a bit first, you could get substantially more? By taking some time to fix the place up and by spending $500 to $3,000, you could increase your sale price by $5,000 to $15,000, giving you more money to spend on buying and fixing up your new home.

First impressions count

The first thing potential buyers do when they visit your home is check how it looks from the outside, and giving it what’s known in the trade as curb appeal can determine whether they’re put off or they experience love at first sight. Take the time to repair or replace broken fences or decking, paint the front of the house or at least the main entry door, and add shiny new numbers or a new mailbox. If you’re showing your home in winter, an attractive porch light can make it feel much more inviting. In summer, add new flowers to the garden and consider accessories like a trellis or hanging baskets.

Resolve structural problems

Structural problems in your home can massively reduce the selling price when, in fact, they cost a proportionately small amount to fix. The first such problems most buyers will note are infestations or damp, so if either of these is an issue, get the experts in. You’ll also want to make sure that any subsidence is dealt with and related damage to the walls rectified. Make sure your floors don’t sag – this usually requires only minor work but it can create a bad impression. Check the condition of your chimney and roof, and replace any missing tiles.

Fix up the windows

Attractive windows are a main selling point, and you’ll want them as uncluttered as possible to let in plenty of light when prospective buyers visit your home. Pull your drapes right back and consider fitting stylish shutters to your main window for a brighter, airier look. If you don’t have double glazing, now’s the time to get it, unless you live in a period property, in which case well preserved original windows are a real selling point. Either way, take the time to polish your windows to perfection.

Spruce up the kitchen

In most of your home, potential buyers will be looking for plain spaces they can transform to meet their needs and preferences. One room they will need right away is the kitchen, and this is the single room likely to make the biggest difference to your sale. Focus on making it seem as bright and spacious as you can – add an island or a table if possible, but not if this will make it look crowded. If necessary, replace your old floor covering and the doors on your units to help the room appear fresh, clean and hygienic. Invest in a single, attractive new appliance – an oven is usually the best choice – that will wow viewers and distract them from any older, less perfect items.

Deal with the little things

Prospective buyers are quick to notice small details and to develop a bad impression of your home, even if these details don’t really signify any serious problems. They’re trivial to repair, so fix them before you put your home on the market. Shampoo all your carpets, search the walls, window frames, doorframes and baseboards for any tiny cracks, and fill them. Replace chipped tiles and fix dripping taps. Joe from says, “There’s nothing like the little touch of adding brand new, well fitted locks to your front doors. Also, Oil the hinges on your doors (including cupboard doors) so that they open and close easily and soundlessly.”

Give all your interiors a coat of paint in fresh, neutral colors, and clear your drains to get rid of any problem smells. Odors have a bigger impact on viewers than you might think, and it’s well worth brewing some coffee or baking some bread in order to help them feel at home.

With all these tasks complete, you can boost your chances of getting a good sale by making some little additions. Bright new LED bulbs to show off rooms at their best, plants on the window ledges and fresh flowers on the kitchen table can all help to bring the place to life. Remember to show your love for the place when talking to viewers, explaining how you have to move but will really miss it, asking them what they’re looking for and helping them to form a personal connection with it. Making this effort can really make a difference to your final sale price.

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