Everyone wishes to sell their home in the shortest time possible and sell it for the market’s highest dollar. But that is not always easy. You never know how long your property will be on the property list; therefore, you have to do everything to attract all the potential customers. You can achieve that through home staging.

Home staging is the process of enhancing your home’s best assets to make a good impression on prospective buyers. Before you set your home up for sale at movoto.com, utilize these home staging tips to get the highest value of your house.

Stage the essential rooms

When home staging your house for a sale, stage where it matters. Do not waste a lot of time enhancing rooms that do not make much of a difference to the buyer. In most cases, the buyer wants to view the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, and the front yard. Put more time into enhancing such areas so that they appeal to your prospective buyers.

Remember, you want the home to appeal to the buyer right from the moment they enter through the door. Although you can enhance all the rooms, focus more on where it matters.

Clean thoroughly

You have to clean the house as thoroughly as possible, as no buyer would be happy to move to an unhygienic place. Scrub and vacuum all the rooms, including the corners and below the carpets. Clean the kitchen and wipe clean the appliances such as the fridge, cooker tops, inside cabinets, any traces of spilled oil, piles of crumbs, splattered spaghetti, etc. Ensure the kitchen is spotless.

Do not forget the bathroom floors, corners, and walls that tend to have mold stains. Scrub that as well, and ensure everything is sparkling. Clean the toilet, the sinks, and all those spots you think no one can see. They need to be spotless as well. If possible, hire cleaning services. That will pay off during the sale since your buyer will be willing to appreciate the efforts you have put into maintaining the home.


After cleaning, its time to declutter. Decluttering is removing all the unnecessary things in the house. For instance, put away excessive shoes and unseasonal clothes such as winter coats, in the hallway, and remove unnecessary decor. Pack the things you don’t often use or don’t need in boxes and store them in the garage.

The disadvantage of having clutter in your house is that it distracts the buyer from seeing your house’s best features. So ensure you only have the critical things in the home. Again, do not toss all of them in the closets. Remember, the buyer will want to see the space in your closets, so avoid embarrassments. The fewer items you have in the house, the more it will appear attractive to the buyers.

Depersonalize the house

Even though your family may say that the depersonalized home feels awkward, you can maintain that for a while, as the buyers view the house. Remove all the personal portraits on the walls, religious items, personal decor, fridge stickers, personal bathroom items such as towels and toothbrushes, etc.

The reason for depersonalizing the house, especially the living room is to help the potential buyer envision the home as their own, and that would trigger a more emotional purchase. Let the decor be neutral so that the buyer will be able to visualize how to decorate it. That way, you will help them relate more to the property.

Do some renovations

It is essential to do some patch ups here and there if you want your home to sell fast. Check the drainage for any breakage or leakage and repair them. Inspect the roof for any leaks, the walls, the appliances, and check any scratches and any other broken thing that could quickly turn off the buyer. Even though a buyer can choose to repair the house after the purchase, renovating it will make it sell fast.

So, patch up and repair everything that is not in good condition. You can do some renovations without breaking the bank. Furthermore, those efforts will pay off during the house’s sale since the buyer will be ready to pay more for a renovated house than in poor condition.

Repaint the walls

Painting works magic when it comes to making a house look as good as new. Repaint the walls but use neutral colors devoid of any personal touches since your goal is to appeal to the buyer. A repainted wall will excite the buyer more than one with faded paint. That way, the buyer will be satisfied that he/she won’t have to incur painting expenses any time soon after the purchase.

Ensure you tear down the wallpapers before you apply new paint. Repainting over the wallpapers will make the walls look shabby, and you don’t want anything that could turn off the potential buyers.


When the potential buyers come to view the home, let there be light. Open the windows, curtains, and blinds to take advantage of the natural light. Many people like houses with a lot of natural light to save on utility bills, so ensure you show them that. If you have broken light fixtures, please make an upgrade.

Rearrange the furniture


Rearranging the sofas and tables in your house is a minor adjustment that could make a massive difference in how your home appears. Try different ways of arranging the furniture to find the most appealing style.


When it comes to the smell, make your home smell right. Dispose of waste and if you have a compost bin, ensure it is closed tightly to avoid any foul odors that could be an embarrassment as the buyers view the house. You can squeeze some lemons on the compost bin to remove the odors.

Use air fresheners in the house and call an outsider to let you know how the house smells or feels.

The bottom line

The most important thing about home staging is making your home appeal to the buyer. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when home staging, do it yourself to save money. Plus, your home staging efforts will highly pay off during the sale of the house.

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