Home Improvements for a Rodent-free Life



Rodents are unwanted guests in any home. Their unexpected sightings can cause panic, not to mention they contaminate food and are destructive. Unfortunately, they find their way into people’s residences easily. Rodents get into your house through cracks and holes, survive on crumbs, and build nests in dark corners. While you may not notice one rat, you could end up with an infestation. If you are in the vicious cycle of baiting and trapping rodents annually, it is time to take drastic measures. Home improvements can ensure the annoying pests do not get to your house. Here are some home improvements that will make your residence rodent-free:


Inspect Your Roof


Rodents slip into the house through cracks, holes, or gaps in the roof. Therefore, you should inspect your roof for any signs of damage. Check the shingles, roof ventilators, and vent screens for cracks or gaps. If they are not secure, you should repair or replace them immediately. The chimney is also a perfect nesting site for rodents. You should inspect for pests and install a chimney cap to keep the vermin away from your house.


Seal the Doors and Windows


Doors and windows allow rats and mice to dart inside any time of the day. Therefore, you need to close your doors and windows to prevent an infestation. If you like to let in the breeze, use screen windows and doors to keep pests away from your property. If the weatherstripping around your doors and windows is damaged, it will provide an entry point for rodents. Replacing the weatherstripping will seal off any small gaps and prevent mice from climbing into the house through the windows. If your screens show any signs of gnawing, ensure you replace them to avoid additional damage.


Check the Foundation


Cracks in the foundation allow pests to get into the house unnoticed. If you want your house to be rodent-free, use a sturdy material to seal any holes around your house that could allow access to your home. If the walls have cracks, they should also be sealed to reduce the movement of pests around your home. Rodents may also follow utility entry points like water pipes and cables. If they have gaps, they make the perfect pathways for pests to move in and out of your house. You can place circular metal guards around the pipes to seal off the gaps.


Declutter Your House


Rodents love dark hiding spots in the basements, garage, or attic. Any dark corner with clutter is welcoming to mice looking for a place to build a nest. All those boxes of old dishes and piles for clothing invite rodents into your home. Newspapers and old books are also materials for building a nest. Mice and rats are not fond of light, which means if you keep your corners clean and clutter-free, they will stay away.


Keep the Food Away


Rodents rely on uncovered food in houses to survive. Therefore, those crumbs on the carpet and unsealed food attract them into the home. Sealing leftover food in airtight containers limits access to food. You can also prevent infestation by washing your dishes, wiping off spills, and cleaning the kitchen and dining room. You should also avoid leaving pet food on the floor overnight and dispose of your waste correctly.


Trim the Trees


Trees in your yard make your home beautiful, but they can also be an entryway for rodents. Trimming the trees around your house is an effective pest control method.


If rodents are wreaking havoc in your home, you need professionals to get rid of the infestation. Excel Pest Services can assist you in making your house rodent-free.



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