Home Builder Tips: Tips On Appraising The Value Of A Property


Home Builder Tips: Tips On Appraising The Value Of A Property

Whether you’re a person who’s looking to sell a real estate property or someone simply looking to make a more cost-effective home purchase, paying attention to important information on the value of the property and not solely relying on home builder marketing offers will prove to be a smart approach.

Having the property appraised before a sale or a purchase is not only a practical choice for home buyers and home sellers, a lot of large corporations or organizations opt for property valuations, too.

 What Does a Property Valuation Mean?

A property valuation is a process of establishing the market value of a property or an asset. This is when an expert estimate is carried out by a real estate agent or by an authorized appraiser in order to find out exactly what the property is currently worth in the market.

More importantly, when you do decide to have the value of a property appraised, make sure that the authorized appraiser has no affiliation to either the seller or the buyer.

Reasons for Getting Property to be Appraised

If you’re someone who’s wondering why you would even need to get your property for real estate appraised, the following information will help address some of your questions.

Property valuations or appraisals can be done for the following reasons:

      ●      Establishing the selling price of a property: If you’re a home seller, you might want to evaluate the possible market value of your property against the current market value of properties in your area before deciding on a final selling price.

      ●      Taxation purposes: For homeowners, you may sometimes need to have the property appraised when paying for estate tax on them.

     ●      Mortgages and Refinancing: For banks or financial institutions, when deciding on lending amounts for loans on a property or asset, they make an evaluation based on the property’s appraised market value. Appraisals may also be required for goods or property that are being insured.

      ●      Purchasing a home: If you’re a first time or a serial home buyer, it’s always a great way to assess the property’s value through an appraisal. This will you to have a clearer picture when making an offer.

      ●      Structural surveys: This is usually carried out for home buyers. If it’s a historically old property or a new building, a structural survey would be most suitable for any concerns they may have with the property’s structural integrity.

 How Can You Boost the Value of a Property?

In real estate, there are several ways you can boost the value of a property. If you’re a home seller, the following information will be very useful, especially if you get things in order before the home inspection and appraisal gets underway.

While trying to maximize the appraisal value of a property can seem like a stressful task, taking things step-by-step will come a long way.

Here are some examples:

      ●      Research home property prices: Start by looking into your area for home properties that may be similar to your property. Be as detailed as possible when taking note of the layout, its square footage, renovations, and seasonality on the pricing.

      ●      Make a list of improvements needed: Homeowners will need to be present during the home inspection and appraisal. As you will be more familiar with the property, make sure to keep track of the improvements made and point out the upgrades and added value to the inspector or appraiser.

      ●      Proper permits should be obtained: Before kicking off with any kind type of repairs, upgrades, or renovations, make sure to obtain the necessary permits first. Doing away without the proper permits will result in an expensive resolution to any unpermitted work done on a property.

      ●      Get renovations done where it’s due: There’s always an equivalent cost to increasing appraisal value. If, and when needed, fixing things, like minor repairs or even making interior upgrades, will boost the overall condition of a property. Remember, for home inspections, even for a seemingly tiny matter, like a squeaky door, can bring its value down.

      ●      Neatly clean and organize the interior and exterior of the property: A full interior remodel may not always be necessary and may not be that budget-friendly, too. But, make sure to pay attention to the property’s neatness inside and out. It should be very neat and spotless to avoid any doubts about the possibility of pests on the property as well.


So, if you’re looking to sell a real estate property or looking for a cost-effective home purchase, always go for better research, detailed reviews, and smarter approach.



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