Helpful Tips for Moving in a Hurry


Helpful Tips for Moving in a Hurry


Ideally, a big move is something that involves ample planning and plenty of advance notice. However, depending on the circumstances, moves sometimes need to be carried out in an expedient manner. Needless to say, this can present an assortment of challenges, particularly for people who own a fair amount of stuff. Still, while moving in a hurry may be challenging, it’s far from impossible. Anyone who suddenly finds themselves needing to relocate in a short timeframe will be well-served by the following tips.

Prioritize Packing Over Sorting

Once you’ve confirmed that the move is a go, it’s in your best interest to begin packing posthaste. If this were a traditional move, you’d be encouraged to carefully sort your belongings before packing, but since you’re operating within a limited timeframe, you’ll need to prioritize packing over sorting. Once your luggage has been moved into your new residence, you’ll have plenty of time for sorting and organizing. This isn’t to say that you should completely throw caution to the wind and fail to give special attention to fragile items, but the majority of your belongings will need to be packed in an expedient manner to make a short-notice relocation feasible. So the next time you find yourself dealing with a hurried move, just remember this simple mantra: “Pack now, organize later.”  

Enlist the Aid of Friends and Family Members

Depending on the size of your current residence and how much stuff you own, packing your entire life up may not be a solo job. The more hands you have on deck, the quicker you’ll be able to pack. With this in mind, enlist the services of any friends, family members or neighbors who are willing to lend a hand. With enough people helping out, packing can take a matter of hours instead of a matter of days. Just remember that common courtesy dictates you provide these helpful individuals with food and refreshments as thanks for their assistance.

Hire Professional Movers

If no friends or family members are available to help out, consider hiring professional movers. For a nominal fee, many moving companies will assist with the packing process, and a number of them are adept at packing up large homes in a hurry. So before committing to do business with a moving company, confirm that packing services are available.    

Be Open to Getting Rid of Things

Moving – even on short notice – can be a great excuse to get rid of any unneeded clutter that only serves to take up space. However, when undertaking a hurried move, you probably aren’t going to have time to carefully examine each potential throw-out. As such, you’ll be well-served by a willingness to get rid of items that don’t hold any immediate personal or financial value. In light of the tight schedule you’re working under, devote no more than a few minutes to considering the advantages of hanging on to every potentially unneeded item you stumble upon. The more clutter you get rid of now, the more room you’ll have in your new residence.  

Rent a Storage Unit

A good storage unit can be a boon to anyone undertaking a hurried move. For example, if you lack the time and/or resources to immediately transport everything you own to your new residence, a storage unit can provide you with a secure place to keep certain possessions until you’re able to properly move them. Additionally, if your new residence is too small to comfortably house some items, renting a storage unit is a great way to provide these possessions with a good home. As an added bonus, hanging on to this unit after your move will give you a great place to keep treasured possessions and important items in the future. Oklahomans on the hunt for convenient storage solutions can easily find good storage units in Tulsa.

In the best of circumstances, relocation is something for which you’ll be given ample time. However, if you’ve been extended an incredible job offer or need to move because of unforeseen family trouble, you may not have the luxury of time on your side. Of course, this isn’t to say that any move undertaken in an expedient fashion will be a guaranteed disaster. It’s entirely possible to pull off a successful move in a timely manner – provided, of course, you’re equipped with the previously discussed pointers.  


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